Montana Pulse Crop Committee Seeks Marketing Firm 

The Montana Pulse Crop Committee invites proposals to fund market development projects and educational projects designed to promote and enhance Montana’s pulse industry. All funding awards will be determined by the Montana Pulse Crop Committee. Generally, to qualify for consideration, proposals must have practical, near-term application involving practices or organizational arrangements that will stimulate an expanded pulse industry.


The primary goal of the Montana Pulse Research & Marketing as stated in the enabling legislation, “In order to protect and foster the health, prosperity, and general welfare of the people of Montana, it is declared to be the public policy of this state to encourage and promote intensive, scientific, and practical research into all phases of agricultural commodity culture, production, marketing, and the development of markets for commodities grown or produced in Montana.

Scope of Work:

Developing the Pulse markets, includes:

o conducting market assessments

o planning and conducting publicity and sales promotion campaigns, including media development and trade show exhibition.

o Expanding International/Domestic markets

o Overall market development of pulse crop industry

Due Date:

March 1, 2018


Montana Department of Agriculture

Agricultural Development Division

PO Box 200201

Helena, Montana 59620-0201

Firms with agriculture experience include Ketchum PR.


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