Travel PR: If Travel Has An Easy Button Movolo Is It

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One fascinating thing about becoming all things “digital” is the ongoing introduction to great ideas and great people we all experience. Just the other day my “startup” background led me to meet a development group and a simple (but very complicated) search technology going by the name of Movolo. If you thought TripIt was cool and quick, then this travel tool will probably amaze you.

Interestingly, I was contacted by the two founders of this Latvian startup just after doing the Argo review – ergo the reason for this enhanced report. CEO Mauro Montanaro, and Biz development guru Andrea Risa co-founded MoVoLo to be a leader in customer friendliness basically. And in my estimation, boy are they on the right track.

Nuclear Fusion Simple

Movolo is friendly in its simplicity, and very useful operationally and in practicality. What is the so called hook? The development’s “door to door” concept for one thing. To understand any startup’s value, one has to break the value down to its core element.

For Movolo and its fans, being able to walk out the front door and have every step organized, booked, and orchestrated – this is the value. While it may sound fantastic (and in particular when you look at the service’s simplicity) or impossible even – somehow the developers have managed. Of course this is an ongoing development, so very close scrutiny over bugs and buttons should not be employed now, if the premise works, the detail will too.

Movolo has broken down the traveler’s experience into not only simple visual tools, but refined incremental inputs – the end product appearing as simple as possible from landing to the drill down – with all the complicated stuff behind the scenes. Let’s just call this kind of travel planning and booking “an easy button.” Of course Movolo’s algorithms must connect any two points on the planet, not just airports either, but your home to your hotel. Basically any two places pinpointed and then connected via however circuitous a number of transportation methods.

This may sound simple (and Movolo actually makes it drop dead easy) but the search engine there has to also connect users with nearby train stations, taxi stands (in the future), rental cars, hotels, restaurants, etc. The biggest problem obviously coming when the Movolo user starts inputing preferences.

But, what are math experts good for any way? All these input variables are just that, numeric input, that’s all. Without making this all sound too simple, Movolo’s team have somehow managed to integrate all this stuff – even integrating cheapest prices – the bottom line for many.

Movolo search

One series of Movolo search results for smaller international cities

Automated Globe-trotting

For the purist out there, I know the question arises; “What other points of pain does Movolo intend to solve?” Well consider this, with security measure around the world being what they are, how does this affect travel? Okay, let’s just say Movolo can and does factor (or will) in these variables into your travel equation. One example would be to factor an airport security delay and price atop a high speed rail solution – you see the value here I know.

I wanted to say something too about the founders Mauro Montanaro and Andrea Risa (below). I know it is not so objective, nor is it always appropriate to inflect personalities upon business endeavors, but after analyzing something on the order of 5,000 startups, why should I stop now. People are a huge part of these equations. I spoke with Andrea Risa the day before yesterday at length.

Movolo founders Mauro MontanaroAndrea Risa

Movolo founders Mauro Montanaro (foreground) and Andrea Risa (background)

A more professional, intelligent, and connected individual I have never met. But, even if both founders were Machiavelli himself, their connections along (particularly via past Nokia greatness) would make a powerful success statement – then Movolo’s potential grows substantially.

I think this “door to door” concept is where a huge segment of the travel industry has to be headed. If you think about it, what is the illusive “easy button” any way? Where any online (digital) business is concerned – quick, simple, accurate, fun, economical – all these elements are huge. Movolo goes a long way in making this a coming reality for many travelers. Let’s call the new trend “automated globe-trotting” for lack of a better term.

For more information on Movolo and its coming features, contact them via

Movolo, so simple.

So simple and fun a child would use it

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