MTA Issues Marketing RFP

The Long Island Rail Road Company (LIRR) is seeking an agency to develop and implement a comprehensive marketing campaign, directed to both employers and residents, to increase transit usage in Nassau County


Nassau County is currently a severe non-attainment area for federal air quality standards. A two-year federal Congestion Mitigation and & Air Quality Improvement (CMAQ) grant has been awarded to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) to invest in projects in the County to reduce criteria air pollutants from transportation-related sources. The MTA is using this funding to implement a transit marketing plan for the County, with the goal of increasing the use of public and private transit services, and thereby aiding in the reduction of roadway congestion and vehicle emissions. Nassau County is home to 1.4 million residents. According to the most recent census, 70.2% of Nassau County residents drive to work alone, and 15.5% use public transportation (which includes taxicabs). Personal vehicle use is prevalent in the county, with 15.0% of households owning one vehicle, 44.4% owning two vehicles, and 22.3% owning three or more vehicles.

Scope of Work:

The campaign must cover the full range of transit options and support services available, including:

  • All public and private transportation companies
  • Pre-Tax Transit Benefit service providers (all)
  • Web and mail options for purchasing fare media
  • Discount programs associated with various fare media

The objectives of the marketing plan are as follows:

  • Increase transit ridership
  • Generate awareness of transit options
  • Generate awareness of the pre-tax transit benefit among employers and residents
  • Increase awareness of fare options and the variety of fare media offered
  • Increase awareness of mail and Internet options for purchasing fare media

The activities to be included in the marketing plan must include:

  • Generate awareness of the LIRR’s Third Track project (on the Mainline between Queens to Hicksville in Nassau County) and East Side Access providing LIRR customers with a one-seat ride to Grand Central Station (East Side) that will require the assistance of outreach to improve and build awareness, provide feedback and attract new customers, including in the reverse peak
  • Spearheading and coordinating all related committee pre-planning activities for annual Car Free Day worldwide event – held on September 22nd
  • Developing marketing materials
  • Canvassing train stations and communities
  • Developing promotional campaigns
  • Meeting with employers to share information
  • Delivering presentations to groups

Due Date:

August 24, 2017 to:


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