Murray State University Issues Marketing RFP

Murray State University Issues Marketing RFP


MSU is seeking an online and marketing enrollment partner who can increase domestic enrollment in existing online programs, expand its current international online program offerings and launch new and innovative online programs that enhance MSU’s mission and vision. Bid Proposals should focus on achieving enrollment growth in online degree and certificate programs and should address each of the following:

  • Development of new online programs;
  • Transition of existing face-to-face programs to online format;
  • Expansion of existing online programs into new geographic markets;
  • Expansion of demographic targeting for existing programs;
  • Management of leads from established markets (including management of leads generated by ongoing MSU efforts);
  • Student


Murray State University (MSU), a public university founded in 1922, is located in Murray, Kentucky and enrolls approximately 10,000 students, of which about 82% are undergraduates. Students come from 42 states and 60 countries. MSU offers 63 bachelor’s degrees, 6 associate degrees, 43 Master’s degree programs, and 3 Doctoral degrees. MSU has regional campuses in Paducah, Henderson, and Madisonville, Kentucky and also offers instruction at Ft. Campbell Army Base. Murray State University places its highest priority on student learning and excellent teaching, blending the range of educational opportunities often experienced at research institutions with the nurturing student-teacher interactions usually found at smaller universities. MSU’s vision is “to be the best student-centered university in America.” As a public institution, MSU works with the Council on Postsecondary Education, Kentucky’s coordinating board for higher education.

Scope of Work:

Market Research:

  • Comprehensive market analysis of program offerings to determine viability of potential online programs
  • Analysis of competition
  • Evaluation of new and existing programs, including development of enrollment growth targets
  • Monitoring and reporting on program performance
  • Employability data and metrics


  • Identification of new target markets on a per-program basis
  • Development and management of marketing campaigns for specified markets
  • Development and generation of marketing materials
  • Monitoring of new online technologies
  • Web and social media strategy
  • Monitoring and reporting on outcomes of marketing efforts
  • Assessment of program readiness for marketing in designated, specific regions
  • Participation in creative program concept meetings with appropriate MSU faculty and staff
  • Participation in marketing strategy meetings with appropriate MSU personnel Performance Analytics
  • Lead yield rates
  • Digital marketing metrics, including click-through rates (CTR), cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM), cost-per-click (CPC), conversion rate (CR) and engagement rate (ER), among others
  • Google Analytics
  • Return-on-investment and

Lead Management:

  • Lead generation and follow-up
  • Recruitment from specified markets
  • Recruitment using digital marketing techniques
  • Field-based recruitment at face-to-face information sessions
  • Employer-targeted recruitment
  • Use of a marketing call center to handle initial prospective student inquiries
  • Monitoring application progress of prospective students CRM Administration and Support
  • Features and functionality of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to track prospective students
  • Philosophy of and programs for training faculty and staff
  • Integrating data from the CRM with applicable campus-based systems
  • Provision of data collection and reporting on prospective students Technology Support for Faculty
  • Instructional design resources for online faculty
  • Instructional design resources for ground faculty
  • Schedule for faculty online training and professional development
  • Help Desk services
  • Access to new learning technologies Technology Support for Students
  • Student identification and authentication methods
  • Technologies and tools for student accessibility (ADA and similar requirements) Technology-oriented internships for qualified students

Due Date:

June 21st


ATTN: Beth Ward

Murray State University

200 General Services Building

Chestnut St.

Murray, KY 42071

Finn Partners and w2O Group have relevant experience.

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