Through this RFP, NASTAD intends to enter into a contractual agreement with one or more experienced professionals or companiesto provide meeting management expertise plus virtual/online meeting experience to support approximately five to seven meetings in 2021 – 2022. Support is requested in the following areas: 

• Meeting management and logistics guidance throughout the entire process from kickoff through conclusion and evaluation of each meeting

• Technical assistance to guide NASTAD convenings of varying sizes. Technical assistance includes collaborating in the development of virtual conversations, workshops, and roundtables.

• Management of a variety of participants, including state and local health department program managers and staff from every state and territory, including Pacific Islands, plus community representatives, federal agency staff, national organizations, and corporate sponsors. 

• Support for “live” events/sessions that accommodate participants from East Coast to Hawaii in terms of U.S. time zones and times of day.

• Support for planning of meeting sessions including speaker invites and confirmation, collection and dissemination of speaker bios, presentation slides, and development of session agendas.

• Support for registration, payments, and meeting communications for participants.

• Support during the meeting, including testing and launching the meeting each day, recording sessions (if necessary), notetaking, addressing interpretation needs of participants, managing presentations, and assisting with trouble shooting.


NASTAD is a leading non-partisan non-profit association that represents public health officials who administer HIV and hepatitis programs in the U.S. Our singular mission is to end the intersecting epidemics of HIV, viral hepatitis, and related conditions. We do this work by strengthening governmental public health through advocacy, capacity building, and social justice.

Scope of Work:

The consultant will have meeting management expertise matched with experience in providing guidance on the selection and implementation of virtual, online systems. NASTAD is seeking experience in selection and implementation of these online system requirements: 

• Desktop and mobile capabilitiesfor online meeting app. 

• Video plenary sessions/keynotes with Q&A, which may include pre-recorded video plus live, interactive Q&A.

• Workshops – multiple sessions live simultaneously, which may include pre-recorded video plus live, interactive Q&A.

• Capability to host affinity groups with video chat/interaction before or after scheduled sessions during conference.

• Capability to allow sponsor interaction with participants through video chat, or scheduling time during the conference days with participants through appointment video chats.

• Capability of providing non-intrusive ads, banners, links for sponsors.

• Capability to provide reports on numbers, name of attendees, and engagement actions from sessions.

• Capability to develop and distribute post-event meeting recap and debrief of attendees and speakers.

• Posting resource materials, presentation slides, papers, and making them available for download by participants.


NASTAD intends to award a Preferred Vendor Master Contract. The master contract will detail the agreed upon fees by activity/capability, contact information, etc. When services are required for an event, a work order under the master contract will be issued that documents the agreed upon services and pricing for that specific event. Vendors selected through this process will be eligible to work with NASTAD through February 2022. For this RFP, there is no set number of projects to be delivered. NASTAD will select vendors who can provide the best value in terms price, quality, performance, and relevant experience. We estimate that we will host five to seven virtual or hybrid meetings during the period of this contract. The meetings will range in size from 20 attendees to 800, and in length from a single half day to several days over a two-week period. NASTAD may also request meeting support for additional recurring hour-long virtual learning groups and webinars throughout the contract period.

The following will be key factors in our decision-making process:

• Demonstrated commitment to exceptional customer service and responding to client requests in a timely fashion.

• Experience working with nonprofit organizations, especially organizations focused on sensitive public health challenges such as HIV and key populations such as gay and bisexual men and Black and Latinx communities.

• Price that is commensurate with the value offered by the firm/individual and ability to work within a budget.

• Potential for a long-term partnership; not just a one-time engagement.

• Candidate has successfully completed similar projects and has the qualifications necessary to undertake this project.

• Responses are presented in a clear, organized, and logical manner.

Due Date:

February 7 


Relevant agencies include Finn Partners and Alison & Partners.

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