State of Idaho Issues Marketing RFP

State of Idaho Issues Marketing RFP
State of Idaho Issues Marketing RFP

The Division of Purchasing (DOP), on behalf of the Idaho Department of Commerce (Commerce), is seeking proposals from qualified, skilled consultants to help develop and implement marketing, advertising, brand management, creative services, media strategy, and photography/video services


Idaho Department of Commerce operates under the provisions of Idaho Code 67- 4702 which states Commerce has the authority and responsibility to advertise the state of Idaho, promote the resources and products of the state of Idaho, enhance information about the industries of the state of Idaho, encourage travel to and within the state of Idaho, market products and services from the state of Idaho to customers and potential customers internationally, and further the welfare and prosperity of its citizens through promoting travel and tourism, the creation of business opportunities via business retention, expansion, attraction, and international trade.

This integrated effort involves the following:

  • Promoting and marketing Idaho as a travel destination;
  • Increasing revenue generated by the tourism industry through marketing and promoting the State of Idaho as a domestic and international travel destination;
  • Capturing photography and video assets to market the State’s travel industry;
  • Increasing Idaho’s visitation and brand awareness;
  • Promoting Idaho’s sound business climate, quality of life and comparative advantages through a multi-faceted marketing program that addresses business retention, expansion and attraction;
  • Increasing awareness of Idaho’s innovation, research and entrepreneurial culture;
  • Creating interest in Idaho’s existing and emerging key industries;
  • Promoting Idaho businesses, products and services internationally;
  • Increasing cooperative involvement of Idaho businesses in the state’s marketing programs; and
  • Strengthening cooperation between and among the state, regional organizations and the private sector through education and joint marketing ventures.

Most of the contract work will focus on consistent tourism campaigns and projects with intermittent economic development focused projects occurring on a less regular basis. Commerce is anticipating an increase in usage tied to the bed tax collection totals on an annual basis. The total anticipated budget for the initial two (2) year contract term is nearly fourteen (14) million dollars.

The Department of Fish and Game (IDFG) and the Department of Parks and Recreation (IDPR) anticipate using the resulting contract as well. Anticipated annual usage by both agencies is approximately four (4) combined PSO projects. These projects are generally education and awareness campaigns; intending to be proactive about issues, promote new service offerings and inform scheduled maintenance that will affect visitors, etc.

Due Date:

July 31


Division of Purchasing

P.O. Box 83720

Boise, ID 83720-0075

Agencies with relevant experience include Ketchum PR and APCO Worldwide.

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