National Lady Gaga Day – Fans Gather on Facebook

Some 100,000 plus people declared today Lady Gaga Day on Facebook. The meaning of this accolade seems obscure at the moment but if Lady Gaga is the subject, one can only assume elaborate costumes, sex, some tunes, and “little monsters” are involved. Whatever the party is about, it has gone viral on the Web for sure.

A student, Sarah Jane Elliott, created the auspicious event on Facebook, and so far more than 100,000 guests have acknowledged their attendance via RSVP. This opportunity to act like, dress like, dance like, and if at all possible BE Lady Gaga, ensures theme parties around the globe probably.

Twitter and other social media outlets are alive with this news, as well as Google Trends being set on its ear. If it were not for Bank of America’s PR Goof today, and Friday night shoppers being scared their money disappeared with B of A’s website, Lady Gaga Day would eclipse all other trends. Lady Gaga reportedly tweeted her thanks with; “Thank u for creating #nationalladygagaday little monsters! I love u with all my gaga heart.”

So if you head out to do some weekend frolicing of your own, don’t be surprised to see everyone with blond wigs and haughty costumes. Watch out for those “little monsters” this weekend. Let’s hope some of them can at least carry a tune.

42 West, Lady Gaga’s PR team must be uber-busy today.

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