NC Department of Justice Issues Media RFP

NC Department of Justice Issues Media RFP

The NC Department of Justice seeks a qualified Vendor to submit ideas and proposals for a media campaign, related to the states Good Samaritan laws. Drug overdose – especially from prescription pain pills, heroin, and fentanyl – is the leading cause of accidental death in North Carolina, killing more than four people a day in our state. Fighting the opioid epidemic in our communities is a top priority for Attorney General Josh Stein and the North Carolina Department of Justice (NCDOJ).


The NCDOJ is engaged in a multi-faceted approach to address the epidemic in partnership with stakeholders throughout North Carolina. One large portion of our approach is raising awareness about actions people can take to help prevent overdoses and death. As part of its 2018-2019 budget, the North Carolina General Assembly included $100,000 in funding for public service announcements about North Carolina’s Good Samaritan laws (ref. G.S. 90-96.2 and G.S.18B-302.2). North Carolina’s Good Samaritan laws protect people who call 911 or seek medical assistance for someone experiencing a drug or alcohol overdose against certain criminal and civil charges. Specifically, people are protected from arrest, revocation of probation or parole, civil liabilities, misdemeanor drug offenses, and specific felony drug offenses. The Good Samaritan laws are an opportunity to help prevent overdose deaths in North Carolina by helping people get critical, life-saving medical treatment at the appropriate time.

Scope of Work:

NCDOJ is looking for a creative/advertising Vendor to create a public awareness campaign, including paid, earned, and owned strategy and deliverables around the Good Samaritan law. Tactics and deliverables should include a campaign that may include video (either for TV or digital distribution, depending on audience research and recommendations), social media, digital media, and possibly print executions. A media strategy to help broaden reach and leverage existing channel opportunities is also needed.

  1. Operational objective:
    • Raise awareness for the legal protection for people who seek lifesaving medical treatment/call 911 for people who are overdosing.
  1. Communications objective:
    • Encourage people to call 911 if they witness overdoses without fear of legal repercussions.
  1. Audiences:
    • Middle-aged individuals (30-45 years old) who use drugs recreationally or who have a substance use disorder. In North Carolina, people of this age are most likely to die from an overdose.
    • Middle school, high school, college-aged students who may be beginning to experiment with opioids, alcohol, or other drugs recreationally, or who may have a substance use disorder.
  1. Timeline

5. Tasks:

  • References
  • Budget and timeline
    • Develop a timeline for implementation, including review and approval periods and deadlines.
    • Develop a budget that includes all staff time, media dollars, and hard costs associated with executing each project deliverable and campaign tactics. The budget should include a rationale for reach tactic/deliverable.

6. Post-award:

  • Participate in a kickoff meeting:
    • Discusses preliminary goals, objectives, next steps after the award.
    • Draft an initial list of key dates and goal kickoff date.

7. Audience research and recommendations:

  • Research the identified audiences, demographics, user habits, and key communications channels to inform the plan, creative executions, and media channels.

8. Communications plan:

  • Identify communications objectives and key goals.
  • Develop key messages.
  • Include a paid/earned/owned social and digital media strategy.
  • Identify strategies and tactics to reach target audiences.

9. Creative assets:

  • Develop a creative brief that incorporates audience research and key messages and general guidelines for creative direction.
  • Develop and present creative concepts for team selection, and enhance selected creative concept to reflect the various channels and tactics it will be implemented through.
  • Develop all creative assets from concept to final drafts for approval including content, layout, design, scripts, artwork, and talent

10. Media

  • Develop a comprehensive media buy, market breakout and ad schedule to include (but is not limited to) the following media types: print, video, digital ads, radio, out-of-home, community sponsorships, etc.
  • Negotiate, contract, schedule, and implement approved media buys
  • Develop a measurable social media plan including content, layout, copy, artwork, channel promoted posts/ads, and schedule

11. Public relations

o Determine a plan for earned media coverage and partnerships to raise awareness about the campaign and creating coverage opportunities

  • Evaluation plan/analytics tracking

o Develop a plan to evaluate campaign success, including key measurements and analytics reporting schedule and reporting for each tactic

Due Date:

November 16th


NC Department of Justice

PO Box 629

Raleigh, NC 27602

Attention: Todd Self

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