NC STATE UNIVERSITY Seeks Social Marketing Campaign

NC State University, Department of Agricultural and Human Sciences, University Extension system seeks proposals from qualified Contractors to develop, implement, and evaluate a social marketing campaign aimed at reaching low-income mothers of children aged ten (10) and younger across all of the counties in North Carolina. We are specifically seeking Contractors with demonstrated capability in providing Social Marketing Evaluation and Communications Services for SNAP-Ed Implementing Agencies.

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education (SNAP-Ed) grant at NC State University, Steps to Health, facilitates the delivery of nutrition education programs to Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) recipients and those eligible for SNAP across North Carolina. Steps to Health is a federal grant that is housed within the Department of Agricultural and Human Sciences and is delivered through the NC State University Extension system. The social marketing campaign will complement Steps to Health direct and indirect nutrition programming. The campaign will encompass a variety of communication channels that target multiple levels of the social ecological model including the individual, community, and organizational/institutional levels.

This campaign will be based on “FNV” developed by Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA). FNV is a social marketing campaign that uses celebrities to promote eating fruits and vegetables to millennials (ages 18-35).

Scope of Work:

This work will involve the development, implementation and evaluation of the campaign.
Social marketing campaign pieces may include signage, posters, social media, billboards, and web videos. The campaign will be implemented in the areas that are assessed by the awarded Contractor to be optimal for reaching majority low-income individuals and communities and the organizations/institutions that serve the low-income population, specifically mothers of young children who are also exposed to direct and indirect Steps to Health nutrition education. The budget for this project is $180,000, which includes covering the costs of buying PHA’s creative content for FNV; printing, production, and placement of creative content; and evaluation of the social marketing campaign with the target audience.

Specific Work Items:

  • Adaptation of the FNV materials and related communications with PHA
  • Arrange media purchase, placement, and monitoring with emphasis on online and digital platforms
  • Market analysis that includes identifying specific geographic location(s) and size of target audience
  • Developing and implementing an evaluation plan that includes surveys of the target audience to determine improved awareness, motivation, and actual dietary changes of recommended nutrition behaviors.
  • Develop and implement an evaluation plan that surveys the target audience to determine campaign effects such as improved awareness, motivation, and actual dietary changes of recommended nutrition behaviors.

Due Date:

January 31st


NC State University
Purchasing Department
Campus Box 7212
Raleigh, NC 27695
French-West-Vaughan is a North Carolina PR firm.

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