Nebraska Game and Parks Commission (NGPC) Issues Marketing RFP

Nebraska Game and Parks Commission (NGPC) Issues Marketing RFP

NGPC is seeking the professional services of a contractor to work as a collaborative partner in the development, implementation, and evaluation of communication and marketing campaigns to promote outdoor recreation opportunities and state parks in Nebraska. The Contractor must carry out these aspects of NGPC’s marketing and advertising objectives, serve as agency of record, and provide media services, creative development, and assistance with new media use, social media marketing, earned media opportunities, and seeking industry sponsorship’s and promotions as needed.


The mission of Nebraska Game and Parks Commission (“NGPC”) is stewardship of the state’s fish, wildlife, park, and outdoor recreation resources in the best long-term interests of the people and those resources.

The commission:

  1. Offers a vast amount of opportunities for people to have fun, enjoy Nebraska’s outdoors and create memories.
  2. Helps maintain healthy fish and wildlife populations and improves land and water habitats.
  3. Helps provide a $2.64 billion annual economic impact in Nebraska.
  4. Using innovation, does what is in the best interest of all Nebraskans and the resources we manage.
  5. Helps inform, educate and engage Nebraskans about the natural world.

NGPC is the state agency responsible for marketing Nebraska as the destination of choice for hunting and fishing and for outdoor recreation and state parks in Nebraska to a variety of audiences including: current and potential participants, lapsed participants, potential visitors, the travel industry, and media. Marketing Nebraska as an outdoor destination, encouraging growth and participation in outdoor recreation and conservation initiatives, and increasing visitation to Nebraska State Parks are key to our mission.

NGPC’s Marketing Goals:

  1. Position Nebraska as a desirable outdoor recreation destination.
  2. Bring visitors to the state parks and recreation areas through promotion throughout the year.
  3. Increase participation in outdoor recreation, including, but not limited to, hunting, angling, wildlife viewing, shooting sports, camping, boating and more.
  4. Increase awareness of NGPC’s mission and the benefits provided to the public and the resources.
  5. Establish highly effective marketing and advertising campaigns that produce results and maximize return on investment.
  6. Utilize primary and secondary research to maximize marketing investments, develop strategies, and efforts to target markets both in state and out-of-state.
  7. Increase consumer and business spending at state park facilities, including lodging and conferences and special event activities.
  8. Implement public relations campaigns designed to produce national media coverage and social media and industry conversations about the state’s natural resources and outdoor recreation opportunities.

Scope of Work:

The fulfillment of the RFP requirements listed below will be at the direction of NGPC. Due to the dynamic nature of the work contemplated in this RFP the percentage of time spent on the items delineated in this section will be fluid, with greater emphasis being put on certain areas at different times. This is considered a normal part of the services being contracted.


  1. Perform daily account service through a senior-level account team leader and support staff that provides ongoing communication, conference reports, status updates, project estimates and budget setting & updates;
  2. Together with NGPC staff, plan NGPC marketing and communication campaigns to reach target audiences as directed by the NGPC.
  3. Coordinate campaign steps including but not limited to: forward planning and scheduling, research, conception, creative development, proofing, media buying, digital ad management, and evaluation and reporting.
  4. Participate in creating monthly reports, monitoring key metrics on campaign performance, applicable by project, for presentation and discussion at NGPC Staff and Commission meetings;
  5. Other activities deemed necessary by the NGPC to accomplish the NGPC’s marketing goals including but not limited to participation in special events or official functions, and outreach to partners.


The Contractor will, as needed:

  1. Coordinate and conduct market research projects including surveys, (both written and electronic, in-person and other methods which may be unknown at this time);
  2. Coordinate focus groups as needed.
  3. Assist in interpreting an applying research findings to improve performance of various media in the marketplace.
  4. As needed, conduct pre-testing efforts and assists with integrating changes to improve concepts before launching into the marketplace.
  5. Conduct and assist in providing campaign and outdoor user expenditure/economic impact information to the NGPC in support of ongoing advertising, awareness and return on investment
  6. Provide NGPC with current and trending demographics that would assist in transforming and elevating Nebraska’s outdoor recreation industry and enhance visitor experience.
  7. Use the most recent, relevant, cost-effective research methods to provide useful data to support decision making.


  1. The Contractor must supply turn-key creative, innovative, cutting edge, and competitive creative services.
  2. Assist in the development of creative products that are consistent with NGPC’s brand and result in messaging across all media that is relevant, believable and persuasive.
  3. Produce video and/or photos as requested by NGPC. Edit video for placement in multimedia formats.
  4. Acquire music, talent or stock photography for broadcast or multimedia productions.
  5. Create and produce materials for mediums designated in specified marketing campaigns including but not limited to: NGPC website’s or campaign landing pages and related components, social media, mobile applications, videos for social media, email, tag management, digital ads, television, radio, print, outdoor, and any other media that fits campaign efforts.
  6. Graphic design and special publication layout as needed.
  7. Coordinate with NGPC on needed content revisions.
  8. Provide for editorial services and copywriting; fact-checking, proofreading, and editing of collateral materials in coordination with NGPC.


  1. Create media strategies and tactical plans or both offline and online efforts, including paid media and NGPC’s house media channels.
  2. Assist in market identification and development/strategy to drive selection of target markets with the highest propensity to provide return on investment.
  3. Negotiate the most favorable rates, position/placement, and space for all media
  4. Verify costs and secure placement in all media and take necessary actions to resolve any issues including make-goods for non or under performance;
  5. Provide all materials and information to media necessary to effectively implement plans on a timely basis, within allocated budgets;
  6. Recommend sponsorship opportunities to NGPC.
  7. Pursue and negotiate value-added opportunities further leveraging of NGPC’s media buys and be willing to set a standard of performance or value added efforts;
  8. Provide post-evaluation of all aspects of media campaigns including advertising performance metrics, adherence to schedules, negotiated rates and other campaign performance indicators.


  1. Identify opportunities for partnerships with industry influencers in hunting, fishing and outdoor recreation.
  2. Develop industry relationships to promote Nebraska as the destination of choice for hunting, fishing, and other outdoor recreation opportunities.
  3. Develop relationships and pitch opportunities with national outdoor media publications, personalities and others to further the mission of NGPC.
  4. Track national press coverage of hunting, fishing and outdoor recreation in Nebraska.
  5. Monitor coverage of NGPC from news outlets, social media channels and other online conversations.
  6. Develop and implement earned media activities as appropriate.
  7. Identify opportunities for industry partnerships and product placement in NGPC media and magazine.
  8. Identify opportunities for sharing of agency in-house content through content marketing.


  1. As requested, review, analyze, and collaborate update or enhancement of NGPC’s branding materials.
  2. Enhance agency brand/image or campaign strategy with creative images, music, messaging, and design elements.
  3. Assist NGPC in informing key audience of NGPC’s mission and the benefits provided to the people and the resources we manage.
  4. Assist in development of new ideas, strategies to recruit, retain and reactivate customers; identify partnerships to promote outdoor recreation in Nebraska, and identify and secure ways to keep outdoor recreation top-of-mind of consumers.

Due Date:

October 23rd


State Purchasing Bureau

1526 K Street, Suite 130

Lincoln, NE 68508

Finn Partners and Ruder Finn have relevant experience.

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