Nevada Looking For PR Firm To Increase Canadian Tourism

Nevada Looking For PR Firm To Increase Canadian Tourism

The Nevada Department of Tourism and Cultural Affairs is seeking a PR Agency to raise awareness of the State as a premier leisure and cultural tourism destination.


The Department is comprised of four (4) agencies:

  • The Division of Tourism
  • The Division of Museums and History (DMH)
  • The Nevada Arts Council (NAC)
  • The Nevada Indian Commission (NIC).

The Division of Tourism serves as the State’s consumer-focused travel marketing organization to promote statewide visitation, resulting in an increase in revenue for Nevada’s communities. The Division of Tourism is funded entirely by lodging tax revenues, so driving overnight visitation is critical to the Division’s ability to continue to market the State and ensure long-term sustainability. The State of Nevada Purchasing Division, on behalf of the Division of Tourism, is seeking proposals from qualified vendors to provide International Office Sales & Public Relations Representation in Canada.

The Division of Tourism has representative offices in ten (10) countries. These markets are:

  • Canada;
  • Mexico;
  • U.K.;
  • Germany;
  • France;
  • Brazil;
  • South Korea;
  • Australia;
  • China;
  • India.

This Request for Proposal (RFP), seeks an interested firm to represent the State of Nevada as a travel destination to Canadians, particularly in the western provinces (British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan). The Division of Tourism is seeking a sales, marketing and public relations agency.

The awarded vendor must possess a strong understanding of working with the Canadian traveler and tour agencies as well as branches of the U.S. Commercial Service and consulates in key cities. The awarded vendor must also provide creative marketing solutions to help Nevada retain its unique position as a key driver of Canadian visits to the U.S.

The awarded vendor will work closely with other State of Nevada agencies including:

The Governor’s Office of Economic Development;

  • Nevada’s statewide rural and urban tourism partners including Las Vegas, Reno and Lake Tahoe tourism organizations;
  • Nevada’s Tourism Territory organizations;
  • Brand USA and its contractors; and
  • Visit USA.



  1. The awarded vendor will be expected to fulfill the following tasks in cooperation with the Division of Tourism:
    • Develop an annual Canadian market-specific strategic plan.
      • The plan should include goals for the overarching program including:
        • Sales;
        • Marketing and public relations; and
        • Tactical programs and activities that accomplish the goals.
      • The plan also should include a market brief that provides the economic overview of the country, as well as,
        • Traveler demographics;
        • Market growth;
        • Competitor analysis; and
        • General issues regarding the Canadian travel market.
  2. Coordinate and host a minimum of one (1), potentially two (2), in-market visits as identified in the Program Deliverables and Annual Plan, (refer to Section including:
    • An annual mission by a State of Nevada tourism delegation [up to twelve (12) persons] and potentially one (1) additional visit by the key Division of Tourism staff contacts and State government elected officials [up to four (4) persons] per year.
    • The activities for each visit will be mutually agreed upon, but may include:
      • Schedule travel trade appointments and media interviews/visits;
      • Schedule meetings with the U.S. Commercial Services and Consulates;
      • Develop special events that help showcase the Nevada tourism product;
      • Organize and schedule at least one (1) Sales mission per year for Nevada partners;
      • Organize and schedule at least one (1) media FAM trip per year. This can be a group trip or individual media visit;
      • Secure media relations opportunities for Tourism staff to meet with local business and travel media; and
      • Schedule staff trainings for key travel agencies and tour operators.
  3. Contact on a regular basis, travel agencies, tour operators and airlines that sell the State of Nevada or have the potential to develop new product.
    • Provide training sessions either in person or via the Internet that showcase Nevada’s appeal to the Canadian market.
    • Maintain regular contact with agents, operators and partners already featuring the Nevada product.
    • Organize and host a minimum of two (2) tour operator familiarization (FAM) trips to Nevada:
      • One (1) in conjunction with the Global Tourism Summit in the Fall;
      • One (1) during a key-time period the remainder of the year; and
    • Represent Nevada at identified trade shows in key Canadian markets and other events, especially those hosted by the U.S. Commercial Services or Brand USA on behalf of the State of Nevada. Develop the booth and other materials required for a brand compliant trade show presence.
    • Work with receptive operators in Los Angeles, San Francisco and other western gateway cities to raise awareness of Nevada and its potential for Canadian travelers.
  4. Conduct media relations outreach.
    • Ensuring that Nevada is covered by the Canadian travel and lifestyle media is a critical component of the marketing program.
    • The media relations program will include:
      • Developing a media list of travel trade, consumer travel and lifestyle media outlets and journalists including:
        • Media outlet
        • Journalist’s name
        • Journalist’s title
        • Address;
        • Email address;
        • Phone number; and
        • A log of the media coverage provided by the outlet
      • Media focus areas
        • General tourism;
        • Sports and outdoor adventure; and
        • Road trips.
      • Develop press kits (printed and electronic, as needed).
      • Provide ongoing outreach through press releases and other forms of communication that keep Nevada top of mind for journalists.
      • Track outreach for inclusion in the quarterly media report.
      • Coordinate and host Nevada press trips that bring high priority journalists to Nevada.
      • Work with airlines to negotiate complimentary or highly reduced airfares for the writers.
  5. Develop Nevada-specific collateral and provide travel trade and media fulfillment.
    • Consumer fulfillment will be done only as part of a mutually agreed upon appearance at a consumer travel show.
    • During the duration of this contract, needed collateral materials include:
      • Travel trade brochure(s);
      • General travel trade press-kit – specific press releases and social media posts will be developed throughout the year; and
      • General travel agent/tour operator training sessions and any associated hand-outs.
  6. Create and maintain a Nevada website that matches the brand imagery and general messaging for the Nevada tourism experience. Develop social media channels and drive positive conversations about Nevada tourism.
    • Produce quarterly reports summarizing activities towards agreed upon goals and objectives.
      • The quarterly reports should, at a minimum, include:
        • Overview of meetings and training sessions held with travel professionals;
        • Press releases and other communications to media and key media coverage during the quarter; and

Proposal due by March 9th, 2017 to:

Annette Morfin, Purchasing Officer State of Nevada, Purchasing Division
515 E. Musser Street, Suite 300 Carson City, NV 89701
Phone: 775-684-0185
Email address:

Among others, Shift Communications is owned by a Canadian PR holding company.

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