New Can Designs for Coca Cola

Packaging is an important marketing tool that can be used as a medium to promote brand loyalty.Companies often reinvent their product packaging. Shifts in demand can cause a company to reevaluate its existing packaging and plan for future options. With accurate insight into business practices, brand redesigns can highlight what worked in the past.

Packaging according to flavor

Coca-Cola has decided to give its cans a total makeover. It has revealed new brand packaging across its entire range of drinks, along with a brand new flavor, Mocha. The packaging of flavored products and their zero-sugar counterparts will be redesigned. The redesign is designed to make the flavors easier to differentiate. The Flavors include Cherry,Vanilla and Cherry Vanilla products. Full-color cans will correspond to single flavors, while stacked colors will mean dual flavors. Full-sugar drinks will have a bold Coca-Cola logo in white, while zero sugar drinks will have the logo in black.

Consumer engagement

Consumers can win a chance to sample the new cans and the newMocha Coca-Cola. Some customers in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles will receive the products via robot deliveries. This endeavor is part of the company’s renewed focus on its brand as it dumps niche products and tries to stir up excitement for its core beverages.

The messaging

The new cans are supposed to communicate flavors and distinguish between full-sugar and zero-sugar options. The company also tweaked the recipe for Coke Zero Sugar to make the drink taste more like regular Coke. To get people excited about the brand, Coke is expanding beyond traditional flavors. Hence , it has a new mocha flavor. This bold and minimal look is aimed at simplifying the packaging to help consumers find the flavor they are looking for.

Delivery solutions

The new flavors will be sampled through a range of robotic, on-demand, and contactless delivery solutions. A fleet of self-driving robotic vehicles will deliver in select markets in less than an hour. Consumers will also receive a box of the new products via an on-demand delivery program that delivers in three to seven business days. Coca -Cola has already partnered with Walmart to deliver packs of its Coca Cola with Coffee product via drone.

Expansion of flavors

The addition of Coffee Mocha to its previous flavors Dark Blend, Vanilla, and Caramel comes at a time when Coca Cola is seeking additional opportunities for consumers to engage with and purchase the brand. Packaging is an important part of product branding and marketing. In this case, redesigned packaging provides relevant information and can also augment interest.The new cans are about a transition in progress, and are aimed at driving transparency, satisfaction, trust, and longer-term loyalty. A packaging refresh can revitalize a brand which has been around for a while.

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