New York City Economic Development Corporation Issues RFP For Digital Marketplace

New York City Economic Development Corporation Issues RFP For Digital Health Marketplace

NYCEDC is issuing this Request for Proposals to seek proposals from potential Agencies to develop, launch, and operate the next iteration of the Digital Health Marketplace, including its program and website (the “Project”).


The City of New York (the “City” and “New York City”) is uniquely positioned to further solidify its role as a national leader in digital health innovation. In 2017, New York City was the second most active metro area for digital health investment activity nationwide, trailing only San Francisco. There has been over a tenfold increase in venture investments for New York City‐based digital health companies in the past seven years alone, with nearly $1 billion invested in 2017. New York City has a natural confluence of factors for a successful and vibrant digital health ecosystem. Between its major research centers, numerous top‐notch health systems, hospitals, health centers, and the largest public health system in the country, New York City is a ripe ground for health technology creation and adoption.

Technology has the potential to have tremendous impacts on both healthcare and New York City’s economy. Not only is the digital health sector one of the fastest growing segments of New York City’s tech ecosystem, the technologies being born, bred, and grown in New York City have the potential to vastly improve patient outcomes and the quality and delivery of care in New York City and beyond.

These innovations have the potential to provide improved access to care, better diagnostics, new treatments, and increased patient engagement, ultimately transforming healthcare for the better.

Recognizing the enormous potential of digital health in the City, New York City Economic Development Corporation (“NYCEDC” and the “Corporation”) has made a number of commitments to catalyze the growth and impact of the ecosystem over the past half‐decade. This began in 2013, through “Pilot Health Tech NYC,” a program supporting healthcare technology pilot projects with the goal of introducing health technology companies with their prospective clients. Over the years, the impacts of creating a marketplace for digital health technologies emerged as one of the most valuable assets of the program, and NYCEDC relaunched it in 2015 as the “Digital Health Marketplace.”

Three years and hundreds of matches later, NYCEDC has committed to three additional years of expanded operations for the Digital Health Marketplace as part of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s New York Works plan to create 100,000 good‐paying jobs over ten years. This will allow for even more opportunities for critical relationships to form between growing digital health companies and their prospective clients and potential investors, as well as catalyze growth in increasingly important areas for innovation.

Scope of Work:

NYCEDC has outlined two “Work Streams” for the new iteration of the Digital Health Marketplace that together will comprise the scope of services (the “Services”):

1) Program

The Consultant for this Work Stream will be responsible for the design, planning, and implementation of the programmatic portions of the Digital Health Marketplace, including but not limited to any Matchmaking, Award Competitions, and events. The Consultant in charge of the Program will be responsible for developing and implementing a comprehensive and detailed strategy around accomplishing Project Goals, including informing strategy for how the Project Website will complement the Program in helping to accomplish these goals.

o Task 1: Program Design and Development

o Task 2: Matchmaking

o Task 3: Award Competition

o Task 4: Ecosystem Events and Programming

o Task 5: Marketing and Publicity

o Task 6: Reporting, Metrics and Evaluation

2) Website

The Consultant for this Work Stream will design, develop, launch, monitor, and maintain a Project Website that will help accomplish Project Goals.

The main functionalities of the Project Website will be two‐fold:

  1. Create an online marketplace platform to further facilitate the search process for organizations looking for digital health companies and solutions
  2. Create a website to advertise and disseminate information on the Project and support the implementation of its Program (e.g. application and registration portals for Matchmaking Sessions, the Award Competition, and Event Programming)

While the Website constitutes its own Work Stream, the Consultant for the Program Work Stream will be responsible for developing strategy and content for the Project Website as informed by the Consultant’s industry expertise, knowledge, and/or research. Should the Consultant for the Program Work Stream be a separate entity from the Consultant for the   Website Work Stream, the two Consultants will be expected to work closely and collaboratively to create a Project Website which achieves Project Goals and strategically reflects all aspects of the Project, both programmatic and digital.

o Task 1: Website Design

o Task 2: Website Development

o Task 3: Website Testing and Review

o Task 4: Website Maintenance

Due Date:

August 24th


Digital Health Marketplace RFP

Attn: Maryann Catalano, Chief Contracting Officer

New York City Economic Development Corporation

110 William Street, 4th Floor Mail Room Bid Desk

New York, NY 10038

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