New York City Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice Seeks Communications Assistance

The New York City Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice (MOCJ) is seeking three pools of qualified contractors to provide a diverse array of professional services under three distinct professional service categories (Competition Pools): 1) Research and Technical Assistance; 2) Media, Communications, and Conference Coordination; and 3) Strategy and Operations/Management Consulting.

MOCJ seeks a broad group of contractors – including not-for-profit organizations, institutions of higher education, corporate entities and individual consultants – with the experience, technical expertise and capacity to provide specialized professional services according to the specifications outlined in Section III – Scope of Services of this RFP. Contractors will be selected in a manner which ensures sufficient allocation of resources across all solicited Competition Pools so as to meet the City’s needs.

Scope of Work:

The goal of this RFP is to constitute three (3) pools of contractors qualified to perform work under one or more of the three (3) Competition Pools for which they would be selected based on demonstrated experience and technical expertise: Research and Technical Assistance; Media, Communications, and Conference Coordination; and Strategy and Operations Consulting.

The specific objectives for Research and Technical Assistance services are to:

  1. Plan and design evidence-based programming from sophisticated local and national research.
  2. Create outcomes driven research design and evaluations to inform and advance progress in three key areas related to MOCJ’s mission—reducing crime, reducing incarceration, and increasing fairness.
  3. Provide technical assistance to help build general-capacity and program-specific capacity, including but not limited to, data cleaning and analysis.

The specific objectives for Media, Communications, and Conference Coordination services are to:

  1. Provide specific media services to MOCJ that include, but are not limited to, publication design; graphic design; UX/UI design; professional photographic services; professional video services; and website design.
  2. Assist MOCJ in the development and implementation of strategies that enhance MOCJ’s capacity to promote improved community outreach and relations through expanded reliance on all available media resources including print, television, internet, radio and social media outlets.
  3. Provide conference planning and coordination for MOCJ that include, but are not limited to: overseeing conference budget; securing conference location; coordinating and managing activities of hired staff, including media, refreshments, transportation, and security; and coordinating speaker arrangements and travel, as necessary.

The specific objectives of Strategy and Operations Consulting services are to:

  1. Help MOCJ make sustainable and substantial improvements in productivity through the deployment of various operational strategies including, but not limited to, organizational assessment, operational analysis, and change management.
  2. Work with MOCJ senior staff to identify social, economic, and technology trends; synchronize budgeting and strategic planning processes; design stakeholder engagement plans; coordinate and implement program specific task forces; and create innovative programs at scale.
  3. Provide software advisory services that include technical support, design services, software delivery, application development, and process improvement, to assist with the development and delivery of IT solutions that help make MOCJ more effective.

Due Date:

December 11, 2017


Gerald Foley

Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice

One Centre Street, Room 1012N

New York, New York 10007

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