News From Finn Partners, Racepoint Global, Crenshaw Communications, Edelman, and 5WPR

News From Finn Partners, Racepoint Global, Crenshaw Communications, Edelman, and 5WPR

Finn Partners and Pharma

Finn Partners has brought their corporate social responsibility and healthcare divisions together to form a new area of specialization … Pharma. Doing good is a good fit for the Big Pharma, they may have had some bad press in recent years, but for decades they have given back through charity and philanthropic efforts.

Former Racepoint Global CFO Charged

Edward J. Abell III, former CFO of Racepoint Global a PR firm in Boston, was charged at the US federal court with embezzlement from the public relations firm. Abell was the VP of finance at the firm as well. Federal prosecutors claim that between 2006 and 2016 the CFO wrote company checks for to Pinehurst Tax Associates (owned by Abell) totaling more than $3.6 million. Though Pinehurst does not appear to have ever provided services for which they received payment. Racepoint is the largest PR firm in the state and works with clients such as Dassault Systemes, Panasonic, and Forrester Research.

Crenshaw Communications Names New Partner

Crenshaw Communications works mainly with consumer and tech clients worldwide, and they just announced that Chris Harihar is a new partner. He also serves as their Tech Practice Director. He’s been with the agency since 2012 when he was first an account supervisor. His recent work is with clients in IoT, artificial intelligence, adtech, security, tech, and SaaS for B2B clients. He worked previously for MBooth as well as Morris + King.

Edelman Hired for Crisis Communications at University of Missouri

The University of Missouri had a bit of campus falling out in 2015, so they’ve brought Edelman, the world’s largest independent PR firm, to handle crisis communications. Edelman brings experience working with campus scandal after also working with the child molestation issues faced by Penn State a few years back. One of their main approaches in this campaign is to limit any communications coming from the University to positive messages about what they are doing within the community and for the students.

5WPR Becomes AOR for MigraineX

MigraineX™ has signed with 5WPR to do their new PR campaign about the first solution for migraines caused by weather barometric changes, the top reason for migraines. The new campaign will connect the company directly with their potential consumers and learn about how people cope with migraines. MigraineX is the product of Cirrus Healthcare Products, which also makes EarPlanes.

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