North Carolina Events Management & Research RFP

2016-06-17 by EPR Staff

Asheville, NC

The City of Asheville, North Carolina has issued an RFP for a Research Consultant Firm with demonstrated experience performing quantitative research studies. The selected firm will develop survey instruments, conduct interviews, collect and analyze data, prepare reports, and provide presentations on its findings.

Quantitative Research Study

The proposed project is a quantitative research study that will encompass a practical examination of various outdoor special event types, sizes and lengths. The study will identify the most popular events for attendees and vendors, the distance they travel, and to what extent special events contribute to their lives and livelihoods. The study will assess the most profitable types of events for local businesses, impact on attendee response and behavior, and pinpoint unique attributes of events that provide the most ideal climate for driving and motivating entrepreneurship and job creation. Study data will be used as a basis for Consultant recommendations as to how the City of Asheville and surrounding local governments can leverage their outdoor public spaces and public land to encourage special events with the strongest capacity to support job creation and motivate entrepreneurship.

The City’s Special Events Coordinator (overseen by the Assistant Director of Community & Economic Development) will work closely with the research consultant to identify the most appropriate analytical techniques and assist in the development of unique survey instruments for each event selected for participation. Throughout the survey process, the Special Events Coordinator will work with local businesses, event organizers, and the research consultant to ensure successful implementation, transparency, and optimal inclusion of the diverse businesses operating within the community.

About Asheville, North Carolina

The City of Asheville is a center for special events and festivals located in the mountains of Western North Carolina with a resident population of over 89,000 and a regional population of 465,000. The state of North Carolina continues to grow rapidly and is now the ninth largest state in the country. Its western region is projected to reach 500,000+ in population by year 2020.

Asheville’s natural diversity attracts a highly‐engaged audience inspired by creativity and innovation. Intrinsic to the region’s authenticity is Asheville’s rich Appalachian culture and heritage. Asheville is also known as a progressive, world‐class travel destination with inventive restaurants, art galleries, breweries, live music venues and unique merchants. Special events and festivals held in Asheville’s public spaces have grown in frequency by 20% over the past five years. Permitting for food carts, food trucks, and other temporary vending has increased by 40% over the same period.

Goals & Objective

The demand on public and private resources to support the increase in activity is driven by tourism, population growth, and The goals of the Entrepreneurial Impact of Outdoor Special Events quantitative research study and model development project are to:

  1. Quantify the impact of special events on local entrepreneurship
  2. Generate data to support the development of policies that motivate entrepreneurship and job creation through special events
  3. Create a practical, research‐ based survey tool that can be shared with surrounding communities in the region.

Proposal due Monday, June 20, 2016 to:

Jon Fillman
(828) 259‐5738

French West Vaughan is a major North Carolina based PR firm.

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