North Florida Issues Marketing Communications RFP

North Florida Issues Marketing Communications RFP

The North Florida TPO requires professional services to assist staff in developing marketing communications strategies, tactics and tools that support the projects outlined in the Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP). The project objectives will help accomplish the following:

  • Increase awareness and understanding of the North Florida TPO roles and functions
  • Inform and educate public on transportation issues, initiatives and technologies
  • Encourage public participation in the transportation planning process


The North Florida TPO is the state and federally recognized organization for the metropolitan transportation planning process for the Jacksonville and St. Augustine Urbanized Areas described in federal and state statutes. Pursuant to Title 23 of the United States Code (See Section 134 on Metropolitan Planning) it fulfills federal and state mandates that require a regional planning organization to exist as a condition of funding. Urbanized areas with populations of 200,000 or more, such as the Jacksonville Urbanized Area with a population of slightly more than 1 million, are also designated as transportation management areas or TMAs. As a regional transportation planning organization, the North Florida TPO provides a forum for local elected officials, transportation experts and citizens to work together to improve mobility for residents, businesses and visitors.

Scope of Work:

The Consultant will perform all tasks on an “as needed” basis to complement the projects in the UPWP. Detailed specification for each project will be determined as Consultant services are required. For each task a written scope of services will be negotiated by the North Florida TPO Project Manager and the Consultant’s Project Manager not to exceed a previously negotiated fee. Details of the Consultant’s specific responsibilities, the work to be done and products to be delivered will be defined in the scope of services issued and signed by the Executive Director. No work is to be started until the Consultant receives a Notice to Proceed letter signed by the Executive Director and initialed by the North Florida TPO Project Manager.

Specific projects may include the following:

  1. Website – Implement significant graphic, mapping and content changes and updates on a continuing basis as needed; provide continuing support, consultation and product improvement for the contract duration.
  2. Printed/E-Communications Materials – Design, write/edit and produce various printed materials that can include an annual report, brochures describing multiple projects/initiatives; e-newsletters as needed; e-invitations/messages as needed and other materials as determined in the UPWP.
  3. Enhanced Visual Communications – This includes organizing and expanding the current photo library and creating/updating power point presentations as needed per projects and initiatives.
  4. Public Awareness, Education and Involvement – Develop and recommend strategies and tactics to increase awareness and educate the public on new technologies, initiatives and transportation planning issues. Assist in annual analysis of public involvement strategy and results by identifying opportunities for improvement and recommended solutions. “As needed” additional tasks may include writing/editing news advisories and press releases, web copy, other informational material, assist in planning and executing public meetings and events, and providing ongoing communications consulting. Also, assist “as needed” with media outreach strategies.
  5. Social Media– continue expanding a social media presence/strategy that incorporates Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media tools when applicable to the TPO’s overall marketing communications plan supporting the brand and the various initiatives.

Due Date:

April 12th, 2018


Jacksonville Transportation Authority

121 West Forsyth Street, Suite 200

Jacksonville, Florida 32202

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