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A first-of-its-kind qualitative data analysis software, NVivo enables people to easily capture, work with and analyze social media and online data. The new version of NVivo, NVivo 10, was launched today by QSR International.

NVivo 10 is faster than previous versions, including coding, auto coding, creating and opening nodes, running queries and deleting project items. It has better performance, opening large sources and nodes faster, even as project size increases (the maximum project size for standalone projects has been increased to 10 GB from 4GB). In addition, NVivo 10 boasts a few usability improvements, including full support of ‘drag and drop’ coding, for all types of source content.

The latest version of NVivo provides greater analytical flexibility and efficiency with NCapture browser add-on.

“NCapture is powerful and intuitive new technology that will revolutionize and streamline the ways people can observe and listen, deeply analyze conversations, trends and their changes over time,” explained John Owen, CEO of QSR International. He added: “With NCapture, anyone can quickly collect information from any web page, and from sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and then analyze it in NVivo.”

NVivo 10 can be used by both individuals and organizations to spend more time on analysis and discovery, instead of administrative tasks; to manage information and enhance internal workflow and reporting processes; and finally to increase productivity and reduce project timeframes.

NVivoThe platform handles virtually any data, including Word documents, PDFs, audio files, database tables, spreadsheets, videos, pictures and web data. Users can interchange information between NVivo and other applications like Microsoft Word and Excel, IBM SPSS Statistics, Survey Monkey, Evernote and EndNote.

“Introducing NVivo 10 today, QSR International is delighted to be the first company to offer one comprehensive tool to efficiently capture, manage and analyze this ubiquitous data alongside other data types such as interviews or surveys – keeping NVivo users ahead of the curve.” added Owen.

NVivo 10 can also be used in conjunction with social media monitoring tools; allowing users to take their social media analysis further to gain deeper qualitative insights. For those interested in this analysis tool, NVivo 10 comes with a 30-day free trial.

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