Ohio Department of Job and Family Services Advertising and Marketing Campaign Services

Scope of Work

ODJFS is seeking a contractor to develop and manage a marketing campaign for OCTF’s Family Support through Primary Prevention grant. Based upon input received from ODJFS, the contractor will propose possible themes for the campaign. The contractor will provide overall strategy, direction, and creative solutions for the campaign. Contractor’s responsibilities may include:

The vendor will be tasked to work with stakeholders as determined by OCTF to create and implement marketing strategies in addition to developing and implementing a social norms media and marketing campaign starting on November 1, 2023, to September 30, 2026, or dates mutually agreed upon by the vendor and OCTF. The goal of the project is to increase community awareness, outreach, and targeted engagement with individuals and business across targeted areas and promote services, programs, and supports that are being offered to families via the Family Support through Primary Prevention grant.

This marketing project has two (2) distinct prongs: 1) developing and implementing a statewide media and marketing plan that is geared towards a statewide audience; and 2) developing and implementing a tailored version of the plan for targeted outreach. The targeted outreach will focus on dissemination of information about the Family Support through Primary Prevention (FSPP) services to families and professionals throughout Guernsey and Washington Counties. Specifically, the targeted outreach plan will promote the Family Support through Primary Prevention grant as a community-based, resource and referral source and service provider, as well as provide information to families and professionals about how to access these services to normalize help seeking behaviors in these communities.

The selected vendor will be tasked with creating and disseminating program materials throughout the target areas via virtual and in-person means, to increase awareness of the resources, programs, and services that available through the FSPP program. The selected vendor will be required to create extensive reports detailing the completed project deliverables, assessing the effectiveness of the paid and earned media, and providing the approximate number of people reached through both the universal awareness campaign and the targeted outreach plan. Additionally, the selected vendor will work with the decision making and leadership team of the FSPP project which will include state and local partners, a Third-Party Facilitation and Evaluation Team, and parent advisors (parents who have experience in receiving social services) to help inform preferred marketing strategies and plans. Collaboration with the Evaluation Team may include the exploration of additional data indicators and metrics to determine effectiveness of campaign reach and impact.

This will be a robust campaign requiring coordination amongst numerous stakeholders (state and local planning teams, parent advisors, and the Third-Party Facilitator and Evaluator) to select targeted marketing strategies to engage the general population of Ohio; targeted populations in Guernsey and Washington Counties; and local service providers located within or nearby said counties. The selected vendor for the project will work with OCTF (and other stakeholders involved in planning and implementation) to accomplish the following:

A. Create and implement a plan for the marketing awareness campaign related to social norms and increasing help seeking behavior that will deliver messaging effectively to reach families, organizations, and communities statewide, and within targeted counties (Guernsey and Washington Counties). The campaign must ensure cultural competency and elevation of parent voice. The marketing and awareness plan will be implemented upon approval of OCTF and a mutually agreed-upon start date. The campaign is anticipated to run through September 29, 2026.

Vendor will:

1. Develop, place, and procure all media buys and marketing implementation. The awareness plan may include an outdoor advertising campaign, traditional and nontraditional print campaign, social media campaign, digital media campaign, or other strategies deemed appropriate by vendor.

2. Develop campaign and launch awareness strategies and tactics by dedicating resources and researching and/or utilizing best practices to support changes in social norms to strengthen families and improve well-being, while preventing child abuse and neglect. To ensure cultural competency and elevation of parent voice, extensive resources need to be devoted to developing this campaign, research and implement best practices, and invest in media tactics that will truly support the changes in norms associated with help seeking behavior and stigma surrounding it.

i. Vendor will be required to work with the OCTF, and other stakeholders to develop

and implement the social norms campaign and marketing strategies.

ii. Venues for the outdoor advertising campaign may include billboards located at high traffic areas, and/or bus stop signage, etc. This list is not exhaustive, and the vendor shall suggest additional outdoor advertising venues.

3. Develop, implement, manage, and monitor any traditional advertising deemed appropriate, such as, but not limited to print, radio, or television advertising. This includes the development of any materials/creative/collateral.

4. Create, manage, and implement a social media campaign that delivers the Family Support through Primary Prevention message, promotes campaign awareness, and increases website and referral traffic to a resource page appropriate for this project as identified by OCTF, OCTF website, and/or other local county sites (i.e., Guernsey and Washington Counties). The vendor will develop content for social media.

i. Working in collaboration with the OCTF Contract Manager and leadership team for the grant, the vendor will develop, manage, and purchase advertising for a social media advertising campaign, including developing content messages, Instagram messages, and additional mediums (i.e., YouTube, Pinterest, Snapchat etc.) suggested by the vendor and approved by OCTF.

ii. This plan must also contain four (4) to eight (8) social media ads that will be utilized to reach broad targeted audiences in the Guernsey and Washington Counties via social media platforms identified by the vendor and approved by the OCTF Contract Manager.

5. Create four (4) to eight (8) digital media advertisements, to be strategically placed in digital media with targeted demographic viewers, including advertisement targeting based on geographic, contextual, and behavior demographics and location based geofence targeting of individuals based on zip code or county with the ability to change the message based on the demographic. The vendor is responsible for developing a plan of proposed digital media strategies and receiving approval from the OCTF

Contract Manager prior to implementation.

6. Create and implement an outreach plan for the campaign that promotes the Family Support through Primary Prevention message to families, organizations, and communities statewide and specifically tailored for targeted populations in Guernsey and Washington Counties. The OCTF approved outreach plan will be implemented beginning January 1, 2024, through September 29, 2026. The outreach plan shall include the development and dissemination of program material, targeted e-mail messaging, traditional media program promotion, and/or earned media:

i. Develop and design up to eight (8) program material advertisements and promotional materials for the Family Support through Primary Prevention grant for dissemination to professionals, families, targeted statewide and identified target populations throughout Guernsey and Washington Counties. Material must be able to be placed on the OCTF website as approved by the OCTF Contract Manager and may be required to be in various specifications.

ii. Develop and design a targeted e-mail message campaign(s) to local service providers in Guernsey and Washington Counties (and may include surrounding areas identified by the OCTF). The vendor is responsible for developing and maintaining the email distribution list. The finalized list must be submitted to the OCTF Contract Manager by January 15, 2024. All email messages and content must be submitted by January 31, 2024, and receive approval by the OCTF

Contract Manager prior to release.

iii. Create, manage, and implement a traditional media program promotion for the

Family Support through Primary Prevention program in Guernsey and Washington Counties. The promotional campaign must include the dissemination of approved program material to targeted populations and professionals throughout the communities and track the number of referrals and impressions obtained through outreach efforts. Additional tracking and monitoring elements may be incorporated in collaboration with the project’s.

Evaluation Team.

iv. Secure earned media for the Family Support through Primary Prevention program promotion in the Guernsey and Washington County target areas. This may include television and/or radio appearances throughout networks available to Guernsey and Washington county, as well as newspaper stories. These media strategies could include interviews and/or panel discussions with program staff, program stakeholders, and/or program participants. The vendor is responsible for securing these earned media opportunities and identifying the best individual to participate in the interview or discussion. The OCTF requests up to three (3) business days’ notice prior to an earned media event occurring.

B. Develop and create three (3) brief videos – between 30 – 180 seconds – to air on the OCTF’s website page for this program. The vendor is responsible for creating videos to be situated on the Ohio Children’s Trust Fund website that is in alignment with the program’s objective. A storyboard must be developed and submitted to the OCTF for approval prior to video production commencing. The vendor is responsible for the creation of this video, which includes, but is not limited to, arranging the filming of the video, securing a location for filming, securing the necessary approvals to film, etc. Alternatively, this may be completed via animation or other strategies. All videos must be approved by the OCTF. The OCTF may request changes or modifications to any videos provided by the vendor. The OCTF may request additional videos for the website, budget and scope of work permitting. The OCTF will own all rights to the videos;

C. Provide technical assistance, such as recommendations for effective posts, timing of posts and targeting methods, etc., to OCTF staff to develop social media posts and website content with the goal to increase campaign awareness and promote the Family Support through Primary Prevention program; and

D. Create and submit a final report detailing the activities and impacts of the awareness and outreach plans to OCTF within thirty (30) days of the end of the project period, which ends September 29, 2026. The report shall include, at minimum, the number of impressions, referrals, and community engagements, summarized by county as able, and shall also detail the project deliverables completed, assessing the effectiveness of each strategy employed and by providing the number of people who were reached per each media and outreach activity. Additional reporting criteria may be developed in partnership with the Evaluation Team.

Benchmarks, Indicators, Outcome Measures

The following indicators will be used to assess the effectiveness of the awareness campaign:

• Reach of campaign materials, specifically in underserved communities, as tracked through targeted zip code or other metrics determined in consultation with the selected vendor.

• Variety and array of materials developed which represent the diverse communities in Ohio and the selected demonstration sites.

As a result of the awareness campaign, the following outcomes are expected to be achieved:

• Increased awareness of the array of services available within their local communities that is available to meet their needs.

• Improved rates of self-referrals into programming offered through the demonstration sites, connected to improving help seeking behaviors.


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