Ohio Seeks Media Buying Agency

Ohio Seeks Media Buying Agency

The Ohio Department of Health utilizes media buying services for any number of the more than 100 programs at the agency. The media buyer provides recommendations to ODH for media campaigns to purchase paid advertisements and/or additional advertisements and then negotiates placement with media outlets. The Ohio Department of Health will provide the writing and production for audio, video, Internet and print advertisements.

Scope of Work:

ODH has on a number of past occasions conducted proactive media campaigns on various public health issues including chronic and infectious diseases, organ donation, zoonotic disease, swimming safety and influenza awareness. The ODH seeks a media buyer to lend expertise and assist future campaigns. ODH receives grant funding from a number of sources to promote various health topics including disease prevention, healthier lifestyles and preparedness for catastrophes such as measles and mumps. Some national health promotion campaigns have media material (e.g., TV and radio spots, camera-ready print layouts, etc.) created to accompany the funding. For all other campaigns, ODH has a video and design center capable of creating needed material.

As planned and future projects develop, the ODH will utilize the successful Offeror to assign in the placement of various media campaigns of television, radio, print, billboard, Internet, transit, sponsorship and non-traditional media to enable ODH to effectively and efficiently share health messages with Ohioans. These campaigns may have a general demographic reach or a highly targeted effort to specific markets and demographics.

The successful Offeror will fulfill the following needs during each media campaign:

  1. Provide recommendations to ODH for media campaigns to purchase paid advertisements and/or additional advertisements. These recommendations will include cost, details and desired outcomes.
  2. Assist in pre-campaign research of Ohio media.
  3. Determine audiences and scope of campaign before campaign launch.
  4. Research demographics of potential audiences.
  5. Identify media approaches to best reach target audiences.
  6. Identify media outlets that will impact demographics of various audiences.
  7. Recommend and negotiate radio and television air-time for commercial-type announcements, publication space for print outlets and outdoor space, Internet site advertisements, and any other media used for advertising and promotional projects.
  8. Based on identified target audiences and desirable media approaches, develop a detailed media plan for the campaign to include proposed dates, times, locations, media outlets and estimated gross media impressions.
  9. Upon approval from the ODH, negotiate and procure media contracts.
  10. Provide ODH an estimate that includes exact dates of media runs as well as the deadline to submit final artwork to the Offeror for distribution.
  11. Distribute digital advertisement files to contracted media outlets.
  12. During the course of the advertising campaign, ensure all advertisements complete their run by established deadlines.
  13. After completion of an assigned advertising campaign, verify advertisement placements were fulfilled during the time and locations agreed upon with the media outlets.
  14. After ODH approval, receive, verify and pay valid invoices for media buys, to be reimbursed after verified as paid.
  15. Provide analytics during and upon closeout of the media event that would include details of expenditures. Within the analytics report, provide a summary report of the estimated audiences reached by the campaign that includes impressions, reach and messaging content. The format of the analytics report will be determined jointly by ODH and the contractor. This report must be submitted halfway through the campaign and within 30 days of completion of each media campaign.

All products and data developed during this Contract become the property of the ODH.

Due Date:

May 25th


Department of Administrative Services

Office of Procurement Services – Bid Desk

4200 Surface Road

Columbus, OH 43228-1395


Agencies who also conduct media buying include Zeno Group and Finn Partners.

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