Ontario County Industrial Development Agency Issues Social Media RFP

Ontario County Industrial Development Agency Issues Social Media RFP


That the Ontario County Industrial Development Agency, the lead agency of this RFP, will receive RFP’s for Marketing, Social Media, Public Relations, Communication and Web Site Development Services for the Ontario County Industrial Development Agency (OCIDA), Ontario County Economic Development Corporation (OCEDC), and Ontario County Local Development Corporation (OCLDC).


Ontario County Industrial Development Agency (OCIDA) was formed in 1972 to provide incentives to qualifying businesses that make significant capital investments in Ontario County and create and retain jobs. These incentives take the form of real property tax, sales tax and mortgage recording tax abatements for a period of time on the new investment. OCIDA owns and operates the Canandaigua Airport and, with other economic development entities, has an interest in technology and business parks in the county.

Scope of Work:

  1. Marketing Related
  • Produce any literature that may be required such as press releases, interim reports or any reporting literature that may be required including a combined annual report of all three entities, or newsletter as well as other needs as they may be identified. All materials are primarily produced and distributed in electronic form.
  • Submission of Marketing Communications PR Action Plan when needed.
  1. Web Site/Social Media
  • Review of the current site, which is owned and maintained by Ontario County using Civic Plus, and offers recommendations for improvement with respect to its look, content, and navigation with respect to the OCIDA, OCEDC, and OCLDC. Indicate whether you are able to provide a service in maintaining the section of the website relating to the three companies including graphics, statistical data, etc. on this website.
  1. Public Relations
  • Indicate what experience you have in the area of public relations that would be relevant to the OCIDA, OCEDC and OCLDC. Include your ideas on the kind of actions that might be taken to deal with questions as they arise from a variety of sources, maintaining regular contact with disparate audiences including the Press, citizens, and key stakeholders of economic development, and regularly publicize those accomplishments and actions taken that will project a positive image of Ontario County and the public at large.
  1. Canandaigua Airport – KIUA

Work with the Airport Manager to develop a communication and marketing plan for the Canandaigua Airport (KIUA). The work would include the following:

  • Assess existing communication channels with the community and existing stakeholders.
  • Renew, reclaim and standardize existing online content.
  • Assist in identification of target markets and growth potential.
  • Market and promote existing airport services and future enhancements.
  • Provide graphic design and visual presentations when needed.
  • Ability to create, host and manage airport website promoting airport awareness and essential information to flying public. This should be done using the County’s Civic Plus website in a stand-alone environment (see #2 above).
  • Develop airport brand identity.

Due Date:

November 30th, 2018


20 Ontario Street

Suite 106B

Canandaigua, New York 14424


Agencies to consider include Alison Brod PR and Shift Communications.

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