Orange County Transportation Authority Issues Advertising RFP

Orange County Transportation Authority Issues Advertising RFP

In September 2017, the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) was awarded grant funds to continue to create awareness for human trafficking, security, and emergency preparedness. OCTA created and launched the Be The One (BT1) brand campaign for each of the three programs. The campaign was very successful and has been well accepted throughout Orange County and beyond.

OCTA requires assistance from a Consultant to develop media plans, purchase media, optimize buys and provide analytic reports for these programs. Those bidding as the Consultant should have knowledge and capabilities in each of the following areas:

  • Traditional and digital media planning and buying
  • Digital advertising optimization
  • Analyzing and reporting on performance
  • Social media marketing and advertising

The Digital advertisers will purchase inventory across a range of channels:

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Social Media
  • Display
  • Mobile
  • Video


The Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) is a multi-modal transportation agency which serves the Orange County region through countywide bus and paratransit service, Metrolink commuter rail service, the 91 Express Lanes toll facility, freeway, street and road improvement projects, motorist aid services and by regulating taxi operations. With a population of over three million, Orange County is the third most populous county in California and the sixth most populous county in the nation. The population is expected to grow to 3.7 million by 2040. Home to one of the busiest transit systems in the nation, Orange County is one of the most densely populated areas in the country and is second only to San Francisco for the most densely populated county in the state of California.

OCTA operates a countywide network of local, rail connector and express routes deployed via five base facilities. OCTA’s countywide bus system includes a fleet of more than 553 vehicles serving over 6,200 bus stops along 77 routes that span 34 Orange County cities. More than 185,000 riders rely on the OCTA transit fleet every weekday and OCTA services over 57 million boardings annually.

The OCTA Bus System is integrated with the regional rail service and includes Express Bus, which provides high-speed transit links that primarily serve Orange County’s heaviest freeway transportation corridors. Intercounty Express Bus service offers peak hour commuter trips to neighboring counties including Los Angeles and Riverside. Station Link bus service provides transit links to major employment throughout the county that are timed in coordination with train schedules.

OCTA contracts with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department (OCSD) to provide transit police services (TPS) and law enforcement. The Sheriff’s Department polices the OCTA bus system, 47 miles of rail right-of-way, and provides the highest level of safety, security, and service for OCTA patrons and employees alike. OCTA TPS actively participates in information and intelligence sharing efforts through various law enforcement initiatives such as the Surface Transportation Security Committee, Los Angeles Joint Regional Intelligence Center, Orange County Intelligence Assessment Center, the Orange County Transit Security Coalition and representatives from the Transportation Security Administration and Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The Transit Security Grant Program (TSGP) is one of seven grant programs that constitute the United States Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Infrastructure Protection Program. The intent of the TSGP is to help protect the nation’s critical rail, bus, and ferry transit systems and the traveling public from acts of terrorism. In 2014, OCTA was awarded a grant to develop and implement three separate public awareness campaigns to enhance capabilities to identify, report and react to suspicious activity, suspicious items, dangerous substances and security incidents regarding:

  • Human trafficking
  • Security
  • Emergency Preparedness

More recently OCTA was awarded a grant to continue creating awareness campaigns for these programs. The project will include digital marketing – social media messaging to communicate and engage the public on the need for security awareness. Common concerns will be addressed along with specific threats to be highlighted for rolling and fixed locations. The Consultant will complete the design of program and materials, produce and distribute print, video and/or other media for dissemination, and evaluate the project’s effectiveness to ensure goals have been met and identify areas for future improvement.

The primary objectives of the Bus Customer Awareness Programs are to:

  • Create awareness of human trafficking and provide information to receive help
  • Educate and inform customers about anti-crime/anti-terrorism issues and emergency preparedness and provide information
  • Communicate our messages in several languages. English and Spanish primarily, with targeted Vietnamese, Korean, and Chinese.

Scope of Work:

OCTA will require the selected Consultant to provide the following services:

Email, Social Media and Mobile Marketing Strategy Development, Implementation and Optimization

Research, develop and propose new and innovative digital marketing strategies and tactics through email, social media, and/or mobile to help OCTA retain current customers and acquire new customers. Execute a successful agile marketing plan to improve performance and Return on Investment (ROI). Provide systematic solution to implement, manage and optimize social media platforms as well as analytics to maximize public interaction and engagement.

Online and Traditional Media Planning, Buying and Optimization

Understand where the target audiences live online and offline, develop a flexible and high-quality media plan for each campaign to include targeting endemic and broad reach sites/media as well as niche media/sites with loyal and passionate followings to engage potential customers in a clutter-free, relevant environment. Online media buying and optimization systems and technology are also required to provide real-time analytics data for refining campaign and discover insights to maximize ROI.

Due Date:

August 8th


California PR firms include Zeno Group and Edelman PR.

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