Oregon Liquor Control Needs Media Monitoring

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The State of Oregon Liquor Control Commission is seeking a media tracking agency. The successful proposer will provide print clipping services that includes traditional media sources and social media monitoring, analysis, and distribution services for public relations, marketing, and government relations. Expectation is the successful contractor will provide comprehensive news clippings, flexible search terms, customizable newsletter, and in depth analytics.

The mission of the Agency is to support businesses, public safety, and community livability through education and the enforcement of liquor and marijuana laws. The successful proposer shall ensure reliable and up-to-date press clipping service that will provide comprehensive 24-hour access to media coverage, long-term archival and retrieval, analytics, flexible search functions, customizable newsletter, and excellent customer service.

Scope of Services:


  1. Comprehensive coverage of national and regional print news as well as social media
  2. Greater flexibility to manage daily consumption of news results
  3. Regular email alerts
  4. Social sharing of media monitoring results
  5. The ability to organize clips, flag results for follow-up, or make notes for archival and retrieval
  6. Unlimited long-term archival for immediate and historical value

Search Terms:

  1. Flexible search functions
  2. Boolean operators
  3. Geography , circulation and language filters 1.3.Ad hoc search
  4. Wide range of tools to organize and annotate search   results
  5. Custom Searches for key words/criteria specific to OLCC


  1. Ability to create customized, daily newsletters that are easy to read and navigate for staff and Commissioners
  2. Customizable to match our agency’s branding
  3. Easily editable to include other important agency messages such as job openings
  4. Automated or manual updating


  1. Measurement/Tracking
  2. Customizable reports available
  3. What are hot topics  in the news
  4. Sentiment Analysis  – percentage  of positive/neutral/negative  media mentions
  5. Circulation,  reach/frequency/impressions
  6. Accountability
  7. Is our message reaching the right demographic?
  8. Which press releases were picked up – which cities picked it up
  9. Value:  Earned media dollars
  10. Added  value metrics
  11. Measure the effectiveness of Public  Relations as a business  tool
  12. Customizable  charts and graphs
  13. Develop reports to highlight the  most important  results
  14. Interactive, customizable  graphs
  15. Export metrics to  PDF or Excel
  16. Social  media analytics
  17. Live, updating statistics
  18. Geographic breakdowns

Desired Attributes:

  1. Minimum 3 user profiles (each with access to the online platform and receiving customized daily news reports)
  2. Minimum 250 Keyword Searches
  3. Feed integration for combining other services (e.g. print monitoring service , broadcast monitoring service,  social  media monitoring, etc …)
  4. Web portal access 24 hours a day/365 days a year. Personalized company password for exclusive access.
  5. Training to get the most out of the investment. On-going webinars and individual tutorials available after initial set-up.

Proposal due by June 23, 2016 to:

Procurement & Contract Specialist
Una Walker
9079 SE McLaughlin Blvd.
Portland OR 97222

Major Oregon PR Agencies include Edelman PR & Waggener Edstrom.

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