Peppercomm PR: A Profile

Peppercomm PR: A Profile

Peppercomm is a PR company that focuses on connected people, messages, and brands through cross-channel communications, data-driven insights, and dynamic customer experiences. They pride themselves on bringing art back to customer relationships with creative storytelling that’s inspired by insights, data and research. As market tastes and clients continue to evolve, Peppercomm is a PR company dedicated to evolving with them.

Leadership and Clients:

Peppercomm PR specialize in the areas of professional and financial services, consumer solutions, B2B industrial, and more. By making sure that they know everything there is to know about their clients, Peppercomm give their customers the next-level service they need to get ahead in today’s complex business world.

Peppercomm has more than 20 years of experience dealing with the industries above, and they know where they need to look for the hidden gems of communications. Their cross-functional teams hone and unearth some of the most compelling stories in the industry for brands like Forbes, Nikon, Tyco, and Amazon Web Services.

Perks and Problems:

Peppercomm PR consider themselves to be a high-quality place to work for graduates – both men and women alike. For people with in interest in marketing and advertising, Peppercomm offers an excellent work environment packed full of inspirational experience for aspiring professionals. However, some employees believe that there is very little downtime available for the professionals in this group, and it’s critical to work with high levels of speed.


Peppercomm takes a story-based digital approach to their PR and marketing services, the solutions they offer include:

  • Strategy
  • Experience management
  • PR brand awareness campaigns
  • Analytics and the curation of smart stories
  • Communications and social media
  • Marketing campaigns and content

Peppercomm PR considers themselves to be problem-solvers creating meaningful connections between brands and their customers to help drive sales and improve relationships. They curate smart stories informed by analysis and research and look for state of the art way s to amplify and manage messages for their clients.

Getting a Job with Peppercomm:

Peppercomm PR claim that they’re constantly searching for new experts to join their team. They offer a fast-paced and innovative working environment for people interested in marketing and communications, and they’re currently very interested in hearing from graphic designers, integrated account managers, digital strategists and technologists. Peppercomm PR also encourage candidates to get in touch if they have experience with SEO and search, or UX and UI design.

Those interested in getting a job with Peppercomm can explore the opportunities available on their career page.



470 Park Avenue South

Fourth Floor

New York, NY 10016


201 Mission Street

Suite 1940

San Francisco, CA 94105


16 Brune Street

London, E1 7NJ

United Kingdom

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