Phase 3 Marketing and Communications Profile

2020-11-02 by EPR Staff

Phase 3 Marketing and Communications was founded in Atlanta, Georgia, in 2001 by Ken Holsclaw and Max Nair. Some notable clients of the agency include Beautyrest, Promach, Bedlam and Waterways. As the company has grown over the years, so has the company portfolio and range of services offered. 

Phase 3 lists multiple industries as areas it works within. The agency offers several examples of projects within the following industries as case studies. Industries listed include industrial manufacturing, lifestyle/hospitality, real estate/placemaking, business-to-business services and business-to-consumer services.

The agency employs over 200 specialists across 5 cities. The focus of the company is to streamline the customer experience for clients. Cost efficiency is a main goal of Phase 3, while still providing clients with top-tier marketing.

Over the course of the 19-year company history, services offered have broadened exponentially. Exploring the three main branches of Phase 3 illustrates the versatility within the agency.

Marketing services offered by Phase 3

#1- Strategy

Within the sphere of strategy in marketing, Phase 3 offers multiple services. There are specialists available in areas like brand positioning, lead generations, and employer branding. Phase 3’s focus is strategic thinking combined with tactical execution. 

#2- Communications

Communication is a key component of customer relations and the customer experience. To that end, Phase 3 has the following solutions: advertising, crisis communication, social media and public relations. Telling the consumer meaningful stories, and generating dynamic customer experiences is a primary function of communication at Phase 3.

#3- Design and Development

Having unique branding is fundamental to setting your business apart and distinguishing yourself from the competition. With this in mind, brand identity and name, environmental branding and website and apps are all things that Phase 3 is able to focus on to help build up clients profiles. 

#4- Other Services of Note

Among the services listed, there are other offerings from Phase 3. These include: digital marketing, marketing plans, product launches, research and insights, events, media planning & buying, the user experience and videos.


Phase 3 has been on several top lists over the years, including the Atlanta Business Chronicle’s 2015 Pacesetter Award. It has been listed among the top 10 marketing service firms by the Atlanta Business Chronicle for several years. The agency was also in the Top 15 Marketing Services Firms by the Charlotte Business Journal and the Nashville Business Journal.

Covid-19 pandemic response

In April 2020, Phase 3 announced that it had shifted its primary business focus. This had resulted in the company creating 2 new healthcare personal protective equipment (PPE) solutions to help keep healthcare and frontline workers protected during the Covid-19 pandemic. The first piece of equipment is a vinyl face shield, while the second is a protective acrylic barrier.


Phase 3 has published multiple articles online ranging from “Best Practices in Data Science” to “Making Real Connections in Branding Environments.” The company also has a bi-weekly radio and documentary series in production called “On Branding.” It is currently in its 38th episode and can be found on the company website.