Philadelphia Parking Authority Issues PR RFP

Philadelphia Parking Authority

The Philadelphia Parking Authority has issued an RFP for Public Relations Services. The mission of the Philadelphia Parking Authority is to enhance the quality of life for all those who live, work and visit Philadelphia. That is accomplished by supporting the region’s economic vitality through the provision of comprehensive parking, regulatory and transportation services. A focus on improved access, greater mobility, and increased vehicular and pedestrian safety are the guiding principles of our programs.

The successful firm will help the Authority to develop and implement a new process through which we will publicly share information about our operations and initiatives. It is anticipated that this process will include direct interaction with the public and press in a variety of forums. It must also include a plan to provide regular proactive communication through social media, web based opportunities, publicity materials and other available options recommended by the successful firm.

Media Relations

While a robust public relations outreach program may reduce the number of press inquiries to the Authority, those requests for information will certainly continue to occur. The successful proposer will demonstrate a successful record of representing clients, particularly in the public sector, in all facets of interaction with the media. It will be important to show experience working with print, TV, radio and web based media outlets in major markets in the United States in furtherance of client interests.

The successful firm will be expected to promptly address all manner of press inquiries and have a working understanding of Pennsylvania’s Right to Know Law. The successful firm should have a designated regular point person to act as an Authority spokesperson when necessary. Authority responses to media inquiries may require the preparation of official statements, press releases, arranging interviews of Authority staff or Board Members and other press events.

The successful firm will demonstrate high quality writing skills and message development abilities, particularly under strict time constraints.

Each offering firm must provide an example of a recent press release that it has produced for a client.

Special Event Messaging

The Authority is regularly involved in special events in Philadelphia, such as the Democratic National Convention, the Papal Visit and the Made in America Festival. Regardless of the sources, the successful firm must have experience guiding clients through high exposure and time sensitive public relations issues. This RFP seeks a firm with the ability to develop, manage and project responsive and constructive communications in such circumstances.

Each offering firm must provide a one page Special Event announcement related to the upcoming release of the Authority’s on-street parking mobile parking payment application.


Due Date:

August 11, 2017


Mary Wheeler
Manager of Contract Administration
701 Market Street, Suite 5400
Philadelphia, PA 19106

PR firms with a Philadelphia presence include Brownstein Group and Tierney Communications.

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