Taking Sexy Bikini Shots In College Can Forever Affect Your Career

Taking Sexy Bikini Shots In College Can Forever Affect Your Career

What Happens on the Internet, Stays on the Internet

This is not in the way talked about with Las Vegas, but in quite the opposite: hen pictures or comments are posted on the Internet, count on them being there forever. Count on them being there long after the giddy days of youth have passed and there’s a need to be taken seriously in a career, or something you never want your grandchildren to view.

Remember the Future

Topless pictures or videos, as well as pictures in lingerie or the skimpiest of bikinis, are probably not a good idea unless that career is as a bikini model. No one wants to step into the lunchroom only to see a blown up picture of them in a peek-a-boo picture to be ogled by all the office staff, or turning every morning into a walk of shame to the desk.

The danger isn’t just about posting them. Be careful about sending them to others. A friend might seem okay, but what happens if there’s a major disagreement afterward? It does happen. Sending them to a boyfriend, sooner or later, he’ll share it with someone.

What About Documenting a Fitness Journey?

Even if the pictures are documenting a fitness or weight loss journey, it’s better to get more coverage and tighter fitting clothes than it is to wear a skimpy bikini for both before and after. If there would be embarrassment over having a father, brother, or future husband seeing the pictures, don’t send them anywhere.

It’s About Guys Too

By the way, this doesn’t just apply to women. Keep private parts private!

Worth Remembering

Respect is worth a lot more than momentary attention, and anyone asking for those kind of pics isn’t willing to wait to learn the truly great things that have nothing to do with how much skin is shown. Even on apps that promised safety and nothing could be saved, like SnapChat – wrong; that’s why new apps are being created all the time. A phone can be lost (either the originating or receiving phone), people share things, others sometimes look at pictures on someone else’s phone, and well why leave a trap door open that could spring at any time?

If there are pics out there already, take them down. It might not solve all the problems, but there’s no need to increase the risk either. Don’t share someone else’s mistake either. Good karma is a blessing at least some of the time.


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