Piccolo PR: A Sydney Leading PR Firm

Established by Sarah Cichy, – a business maverick that has been growing brands and reputations, and businesses through PR and strategic marketing -, Piccolo PR has evolved into a full-service marketing and PR agency. Delivering bold strategies that incorporate a global perspective, Piccolo PR has mastered the art of driving commercial success.

Leveraging solid relationships forged with leading media outlets, the agency represents a remarkable suite of local and international brands in the well-being, homewares & interiors, travel, and kids spaces. Working personally with each client, Piccolo PR’s team creates tailor-made campaigns that fit each client’s needs and that employ the latest communication trends and tools.

Key services

#1. Brand strategy service

For companies, brand identity is an integral component of the entity’s overall success. An effective brand strategy cannot be built without an appropriate plan. At Piccolo PR, marketing pros get to know the people behind a brand to understand why it exists. Understanding the story behind a brand helps Piccolo PR’s pros to create a brand identity that’s in line with the entity’s vision, objectives, and key messages.

Working with clients to curate and refine their vision, Cichy’s team creates unique and meaningful content that communicates their objectives. Curating and reining a company’s vision helps Piccolo PR to create a brand voice that’s a perfect fit for the select marketing strategy.

#2. Digital & social media service

Implementing strategic collaborations, Piccolo PR nurtures relationships with virtual friends. Understanding that digital marketing isn’t about followers but engagement, Piccolo PR seeds a client’s product into celebrity hands, who employ word of mouth to market the brand and improve its online presence.

Reaching out to relevant influencers, who can help brands reach their target audience, Piccolo PR places emphasis on influencers that can help its clients get noteworthy endorsements and increase engagement.

Through influencer collaborations, Piccolo PR helps brands reach key audiences by building and implementing strategies that help with achieving the brand’s vision.

#3. Talent management

Prioritizing on talent management, Piccolo PR gets to know the people behind a brand. Building secure connections with experts helps brands understand how to reach their target audience.

At the same time, Piccolo PR’s talent management service helps brands navigate opportunities, determining what’s worth pursuing. Piccolo PR seeks collaboration deals helping brands expand their audience.

#4. Other key services

Piccolo PR also provides exceptional offers under its build awareness, content creation, SEO, crisis management, and events service.

Notable award and testimonials

#1. The Manifest’s Top Boutique Agency list

Piccolo PR scooped up the 13th position on The Manifest’s top boutique firms. Piccolo PR’s diverse service including advertisements, facilitating media buys and press releases, enables brands to achieve outstanding results. Key clients claim that Piccolo PR’s service has enabled them to broaden key networks and facilitated working with high-quality contractors.

#2. Click Frenzy’s testimonial

Grant Arnott – Click Frenzy’s MD – pointed out that Cichy’s team punched above their weight when handling Click Frenzy’s well-known shopping event.

Arnott noted that Cichy and her team went to great lengths to secure results for the online-shopping organization. Efforts by Piccolo PR helped the eCommerce brand achieve success in 2013 and 2014. As such, Arnott highly recommends Piccolo PR.

Notable Clients

Brands in Piccolo PR’s client list include Redsbaby, Cadenshae, Mama Muse, Luxotic, and many more.

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