Pike District Marketing and Branding Services REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: 10/12/2023, 5:00 pm EST


The Contractor will be required to provide the services described in this Solicitation, and resulting

Contract and will work under the direct supervision of Bethesda-Chevy Chase Regional Services

(BCCRS), and in partnership with the Pike District Partnership Inc. (PDP), to perform the following activities or standard level of services:

1. Work performed under this Solicitation and resulting Contract must adhere to the following

guiding principles:

a. A deliberate plan for branding, marketing, and identity; and special events.

b. Generation of local ideas for local challenges.

c. Development of social capital and capacity between residents and organizations in the

Pike District.

2. The Contractor must manage branding, marketing, and identify tasks for the Pike District,

immediately upon execution of the Agreement. Specific tasks must include:

a. Weekly social media and marketing updates; including e-blasts.

b. Pike District website (www.pikedistrict.org): hosting, enhancements, increased

functionality, updates, and management.

c. Pike District social media: management, content creation, post and page promotion,

games and contests

d. Email marketing: content creation, design and coding, list management and expansion

e. Development of a sustained and consistent promotion of the Pike District and other local

events, to include local businesses.

f. Collection of economic data and metrics and up to date listings of shops,

retail, and new developments, such as: demographic information, list of

businesses in the Pike District, list of new developments in the Pike District,

metrics related to the health of the commercial real estate and rental market.

There will be opportunities to work with Montgomery County Govt and the

Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation for the gathering of

economic data

g. Coordination with stakeholders and partner agencies, including Internal Montgomery

County Government Departments and stakeholders such as, Regional Services,

County Executive, Assistance Chief Administrative Officer, Development Ombudsman,

Department of Transportation, Public Information Office, Councilmembers and their

staff, etc. External Montgomery County Govt Stakeholders such as, WMATA, State

Delegates and their staff, Montgomery Planning Department, Montgomery County

Economic Development Corporation, and other business, local, and civic partners.

3. The Contractor may develop recommendations to BCCRS for the installation of

streetscape assets and landscaping, with the goal of improving sense of place and area

identification. Options could include street furniture, creative lighting, banners, wayfinding

markers, gateway landscaping/flower rotations, and art.

4. The Contractor must provide public relations services on an at-need basis to the BCCRS,

which may include the creation and dissemination of press releases, statements, and

handling of media requests.

5. The Contractor must assist the BCCRS in expanding Pike District-branded events and

coordinating the partnership and sponsorship of events to strategically activate Pike District

year-round. Options for achieving this could include co-branding or boosting existing events

including farmer’s market, weekly music and beer events, quarterly/seasonal major events,

and art market and athletic events to engage a core community. Specifically, within the

term of the Agreement, the Contractor must:

a. Assist the BCCRS and PDP in implementing “Pop up” and “Signature” events and/or


b. Assemble and promote a list of ongoing events in the Pike District area.

6. The Contractor must make every effort to include BCCRS and PDP staff in planning meetings.

7. Effectiveness will be measured on a quarterly basis by Bethesda Regional Services through

programmatic and financial reports provided by the contractor, as well as frequent reviews of

produced content (See Section G, Reporting and Payment Schedule). Bethesda Regional

Services staff and the contractor will meet regularly where there will be opportunities to evaluate

and discuss effectiveness and program performance.

8. The Contractor must make every effort to adhere spending to the approved budget part of the

final approved Contract. Changes to the budget may be made following existing Procurement



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