Podcasting as a growing consumer PR platform

The objective of consumer Pr is to get people to know about a company, its products and services and to see the company in a positive light. For some businesses and podcasts, podcasting can be an extremely effective tool. The consumer need not read about a company and its products. The message is conveyed by someone telling the listener about the project. The message and information is sent strictly to people who have a special interest in a relevant industry. Given below are advantages that podcasting can offer to consumer PR today.

Easier to consume

Podcasts are a good source of specialized, niche content. They are a portable and intimate way to deliver content. Podcasts can be consumed while someone is multitasking. With the advent of smartphones, people can listen to podcasts, while doing chores, in the gym, walking on foot, or while commuting. They do not have to set aside a couple of hours to listen to podcasts.

Reaches a wider audience

Podcasts provide a business with the opportunity to build its audience. The audience has somebody’s voice in their ears and that makes it a one-to-one interaction. On other platforms that are less intimate, the message may not be as impactful for the audience. This intimate platform intensifies the connection between a business and its listeners. It helps a business to actually reach its audience.

Thought leadership opportunities

Podcasts can actually change a dry topic into a captivating one. Some tech firms have made use of the rising popularity of podcasts and translated it into opportunities for B2B PR. For instance, Verizon’s Up to Speed podcast narrates stories about how technology and the people behind it are helping to build the future. The podcast host should be knowledgeable and engaging in order to attract the audience. Their perspective should be informed and fresh. If the podcast has a differentiating personality , it can make any topic engaging. This would establish trust among customers and give a company a boost and establish its position as a thought leader.

Increase social media followers

A large social media audience also means social media validation for a company. A podcast can help a brand to do things that will make it easier for it to have a social media following. Different audiences are spread across several social media channels. A business needs to work on building its audience. To infiltrate social media, a business needs to be all over social media. It should post, comment, and engage as much as possible with the audience it wants to target. The posts should start discussions and keep them going. The followers can be asked to post photos of themselves listening to a podcast. Those photos should be retweeted and reposted. Choosing the right social media platform is also important. For instance,  a business should promote its podcast on LinkedIn, if its audience comprises professionals.

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