Podcasts as marketing tools

People are accustomed to listening to podcasts now, it is the new pastime. It helps people to fill up the hours when they are driving to work or waiting in a clinic. So, to get to the ears of the target audience, podcasts should be optimized to promote a brand and spread awareness about it. Podcasts and marketing go together and as a marketing tool, podcasts can give rise to opportunities that will be rewarding. Given below are tools that will make using podcasts as marketing tools easier.

Technology items needed

There are a wide variety of tools available for audio recording and creating content but the process of making a podcast can be simple. Recording, editing, and marketing can be done on a computer and it is not always necessary to buy a new computer. Poor audio should be avoided and that is why it would be wise to pick up the best microphone. Good headphones are also important so that the speaker can hear while recording what they are saying. There are plenty of softwares available which are both free and paid. There are also many podcast hosting platforms available. Some popular ones are Buzzsprout, Castos, and Resonate. Some podcasters also use pop filters which also help with sound clarity.

Be passionate about the topics

Choosing a topic just for the sake of it might not work with the audience who always prefer authentic content. A topic chosen should not be chosen just because it has great marketing potential. If the topic the host chooses is one that the pocaster is passionate about then it will inspire the listeners. Emotion in recording is an important element. If the host can invite other credible sources to join them , then the audience can look forward to informative insights.

Create an email newsletter for subscribers

Email newsletters help to communicate necessary information to subscribers. Emails would help subscribers to stay updated on news and other relevant information. Podcast links can also be shared on emails and subscribers can also be given the choice to pick their streaming platforms. New episodes can be announced and popular moments from relevant past shows can be shared.

Have more than one episode to upload

For people who want to commit themselves to regular listening, there should be more than one episode available before a new podcast is launched. More than one episode also helps to provide more information and nuance. The episodes can be utilized to talk about a brand’s goals and its philosophy. This helps to educate the audience and make them more receptive. For instance , if a podcast is on real estate , more than one episode can be used to talk about effective ways to invest in real estate. It can discuss real estate investing strategies for beginners. A minimum of three episodes should be ready before a new podcast is launched.

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