Po.st Integrates Monetization with Social Sharing


Po.st provides publishers with revenue opportunities and comprehensive analytics tools.

RadiumOne has recently launched Po.st – the only social sharing platform that has integrated monetization opportunities for publishers.

Po.st was designed to integrate with flagship RadiumOne technology – ShareGraph, which meshes traditional targeting technologies with social-sharing connections to achieve highly scalable engagement and audience targeting. This gives Po.st users access to RadiumOne’s premium ad network, as well as comprehensive analytics tools that show the social impact of the shared content on specific audiences.

With Po.st, users get the tools that allows them to generate more relevant content to help drive increased page views and readers to their sites; increase the value and attractiveness of their sites to advertisers and discover new categories of advertisers whose target audience is on their sites.

Po.st could also improve several metrics that are vital for a site’s success: from increased page views to returning visitors, the platform promises a lot. More sharing may also translate into improved search engine rankings.

post widgetThe Po.st widget integrates all kinds of social buttons, as well as s Po.st branded button. The widget my be added at the top right of articles/posts or at the end, and it can be fully customized, to show only those social buttons relevant for each site. The look and feel of the widget is pretty similar to ShareThis widgets already popular with thousands of publishers online.

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