POWERBALL Brand Research Request for Proposal Multi-State Lottery Association

Due on October 19, 2023, no later than 3:00 P.M. CT


MUSL intends to enter into a services agreement with the successful company for the duration of the Project, which will be comprised of two Phases of work, as further described below. Interested companies should be prepared to offer workable solutions to obtaining research on players located throughout the 48 jurisdictions that sell Powerball. A draft services agreement and statement of work are included in this RFP. Vendors may also include a sample agreement in Proposals.

Overall, we anticipate working with the successful company, or companies to establish the goals of the project, the specifics of the quantitative and qualitative phases, and the initial pricing for each phase of the work.

Proposals should be based on this outline of information:

• Identify and quantify (intensity, rank, etc.) salient brand attributes of Powerball as perceived by players versus non-players.

• Explore and explain which of these attributes are unique to Powerball, and which may be shared with Mega Millions or other jackpot games.

• Identify the unique selling proposition for Powerball versus Mega Millions.

• Identify opportunities to enhance the perceived value of Powerball via brand positioning or perceived benefit gaps (that is, perceived benefits that may be under-promoted or not promoted currently).

• Assess the understanding and player perceived value of Powerball additional features Power Play and Double Play.

• Provide guidance to the MUSL game management and members regarding opportunities to differentiate both Powerball and Mega Millions as brands with consumers.

• Create guidance for prospective promotional and game development partners regarding how to position the Powerball brand in association with potential partner brands to maximize the perceived value of any promotional or game partnership. This guidance would be included in future promotional or game partnership RFPs and other communications.

• Create an evaluative tool for MUSL to use to identify potential promotional partners based on compatibility with brand values and game.

• The first phase of the research will be quantitative, as described below. However, potential vendors may include designs for qualitative follow-up on a national and state by state approach. Provide cost guidance for either, or both of these approaches.

• Potential vendors will supply a proposed survey and methodology for each Phase, which should be designed for a 12- minute engagement; alternative design for 15-minute engagement. Final survey(s) will be developed cooperatively with MUSL. Tools used should be able to accommodate a wide range of demographics (age, languages, etc.).

• Potential vendors will also provide proposal for oversampling in all MUSL member jurisdictions, players versus non-players.

• Potential vendors will detail costs and timelines for each Phase for which a Proposals is submitted.

• For all survey responses, potential vendors will ensure sampling is adequate to provide statistically significant sample of Powerball players versus non-players.

Vendors are not required to submit for both Phases. Vendors interested in proposing for both Phases must submit a separate Proposal for each Phase, including costs for that Phase. Vendors may not combine proposals or costs for both Phases. Proposals that fail to separate research proposals and costs for each of the two Phases (if a vendor submits a proposal for both Phase 1 and 2) will not be considered.


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