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Over the past few years, technologies in the advertising space have exploded into the marketing space. Now, mind-blowing technology platforms automate and deliver highly-targeted advertising. This has been at the expense of conventional means, where humans working with rudimentary algorithms bought and sold digital advertising packages.

Thanks to a boom in the venture capital space, hundreds of new technologies have sprouted in the ad space. Given the incredible ad-revenues, more companies continue to join the adtech space seeking a slice of the advertising pie.

While increased competition means better services and lower prices in the adtech space, the new technologies and techniques introduce all manner of concepts and acronyms each year. The pace at which these new technologies join the marketing space has left PR pros unable to wrap their heads around the most appropriate technologies.

That said. adtech companies should differentiate themselves to maintain a competitive edge within the crowded adtech space. One way adtech companies can differentiate themselves is by mastering how to market to marketers.
Approaches for marketing to marketers

Today’s tech-savvy marketers have a common goal: using technology to maximize their return on investment. Creating an effective strategy to help increase a brand’s reach and position a brand as a thought-leader in an industry, PR pros can implement three key strategies.

1. Conduct studies and leverage industry statistics

With the ever-growing need to stay ahead of industry trends, marketers are on the lookout for new information about the new technologies. Through studies, surveys and whitepapers, adtech companies can present new information that marketing reps will view as informative and innovative.

Over time, decision-makers and corporate marketers perceive an organization as an authority and industry leader with significant insights on recent technologies and industry trends. Therefore, they are more likely to reference content shared by an organization that has been active in the adtech space.

Through this approach, communication professionals can help adtech companies achieve their readership objectives and much-needed publicity.

2. Leverage LinkedIn to distribute content and engage marketers

LinkedIn’s stature has grown significantly in the PR and marketing space. Beating previously unbeatable platforms – Twitter and Facebook – the site has become an ideal platform for networking, increasing the number of qualified leads and brand awareness. At the same time, research has shown that more than 50 percent of  LinkedIn members may purchase a product or service from a company they engage with on the platform.

Thanks to LinkedIn’s importance, PR professionals can leverage their unique position to market adtech technologies. Through a strategic marketing and communication strategy, PR pros can increase brand awareness through a highly cost-effective approach: distributing content and engaging marketers on LinkedIn.

3. Exploit thought leadership opportunities in the adtech space

Thought leadership in the adtech space seeks to build trust among new and existing clients, generate highly qualified leads, and increase a brand’s visibility. Therefore, PR professionals can enable adtech brands to achieve their goals by generating speaking opportunities for adtech executives, including key staff’s bylines in top publications, and distributing digital newsletters.

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