Putting Together A Public Relations Resume That Will Guarantee Landing A Job

resumeIn today’s tough economy, it definitely isn’t easy to land a job. That’s why you must provide a strong Public Relations resume whenever you’re applying for jobs. When you put together a resume that you can be proud of, you’re guarantee to get the job you’re aiming for.

For starters, you must list your agency experience. Recruiters and hiring managers want to take a look at your resume and automatically see what Public Relations agencies you worked at. They’re looking for specific names here, so make sure to list them. Also, list any titles that you held, how long you held these specific titles and how fast you went from one rank to the next. You should be using your resume as a time to promote yourself. In bullet points, write down all of your accomplishments and capabilities using strong action verbs.Similar to listing the agencies you worked at, public relations hiring managers want to know the specific type of PR experience you have. For instance, was it consumer related? What about lifestyle? Maybe tech? Here, you should talk about the clients and brands you contributed to. If you’re looking to switch to a different area of Public Relations, you should instead focus your resume on some of the accomplishments you have in the field that are universal.Remember, though, recruiters want to know that you can produce results. That’s why in your resume, you should write down all the outlets you have pitched, the different angles you took to market the client and what the end result was. If you really want to get a hiring manager’s attention, put together a portfolio with coverage clips and send that in with your resume.This may sound obvious, but you should always proofread your resume extensively. In this field especially, they do not accept careless mistakes, sloppiness, and incorrect grammar and spelling. That’s why your resume must be checked over multiple times, so that it is truly polished.

Landing a job may seem like an uphill battle to many, but when you put together a resume that really showcases who you are and what you can offer, this doesn’t have to be the case. Recruiters and hiring managers want to be blown away from your resume, so focus on making yours stand out from the rest. By following the tips listed above, you’re practically setting yourself up to get the job you want.

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