PR RFP Issued By Government of India Ministry of Commerce and Industry

Last Date for receipt of Proposals – October 7th, 2022

A Geographical Indication (GI) is an indication that identifies a good as originating from a particular place, where a given quality, reputation, or other characteristics of the good are essentially attributable to its geographical origin. There are more than 400 GI products registered in India. Considering the enormous commercial potential of GI, it is important to focus on marketing, branding, publicity campaign and cataloguing of GI products. This can be achieved by use of e-business tools, communication technology and development of web portals for GI promotion from different geographical locations to promote, expand and protect these GIs at a national and international level.

This would further increase employment avenues for the producers and boost the economy’s GDP. Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) has formulated National IPR policy and undertakes Intellectual Property Promotion activities under IPR Policy Management scheme. The Department has been carrying out number of activities for promotion of Geographical Indications in the country, promoting GI and capacity building. Accordingly, DPIIT intends to empanel one or more Creative & Advertising agency to carry out various multi-media campaigns, production of advertising & promotional materials on a regular ongoing basis. The agency will also support the Department in scaling up the GI Campaign through manifold interventions, considered important for building a strong GI ecosystem. 

SECTION II: CAMPAIGN REQUIREMENT 2.1 Purpose Effective communication is the key to the successful design and delivery of Government projects and services. It plays an important role in helping all stakeholders understand their roles and responsibilities in project life cycle. Historically, it is found that many of the good programs of the Government did not produce the desired impact on account of very low acceptance by citizen, lack of consistency in communicating the right message and unplanned use of media channels. Awareness and Communication (A&C) programs help to ensure that relevant information reaches the right person at the right time, attracts attention of the users, create awareness about issues and finally influences the behavior of all concerned in the desired direction. An effective awareness and communication program results in changes in the attitude and habits of the people.

Education is an important tool of communication to create mass awareness on publicity of Indian GI products. To bring attitudinal changes towards Indian GI products, different campaign and publicity schemes are needed to target end users. Apart from the above, children and youth that comprise more than 65% of India’s population and are the future of the country, are being targeted to inculcate the habit of using/consuming Indian GI products in them at a tender age. Today’s young Indians, both employed, and students are well informed and take very conscious decision while buying and using products.

Lack of promotion and publicity of Indian GI products have led to minimum awareness and interest within the young generation thus translating into very limited usage of GI products. Program needs to highlight superior quality, symbol of Indian heritage, and eco friendliness of Indian GI products in all communications. Geographical Indications Promotion involves participation of many stakeholders; therefore, it must have a comprehensive Awareness and Communication program. The A&C program envisages delivering the message to all stakeholders. 

Since the National IPR Policy, 2016, the DPIIT has made numerous efforts for spreading the awareness about IPRs through its key activities, programs, and projects. However, for benefits of right holders who are majorly local artisans and craftsmen, and indigenous people creation of a well-planned and detailed multi- media communication strategy is required along with a thorough execution on pan-India basis. It is therefore imperative that consistent messages are conveyed across all communication media. The primary objective of these campaigns is to develop a premium brand around Indian GI products, promoting them as niche products having their reputation linked with the geographic region to which they belonged. Campaign needs to portray the uniqueness and strengths of these GI products, including highlighting the intrinsic craftsmanship and extraordinary skills. Branding “GIs of India”, as they represent our rich collective intellectual heritage with reputation intrinsically linked with a long tradition of excellence in producing and making unique high-quality products with extraordinary skills and craftsmanship, unparalleled in the world. These products are symbolic to the Indian culture, tradition and civilization. Aim of the program is to develop:

• a premium brand for the Indian GI Products; 

• Leverage on the contemporary and traditional designs; 

• Assure quality and reap the benefit of reputation of the Indian GI products;

• Providing an assurance to the customers on the exclusiveness/uniqueness of the GI products and protecting them from counterfeits.

• Producing a socially and environmentally compliant product as demanded by the modern consumers To carry out the tasks of planning and executing multi-media campaigns as well as managing events of the DPIIT whenever need arises, services of advertising & creative agencies are sought from experienced firms as per the detailed scope of work defined in the

2.4 Scope of Work for agencies

(Broad list of activities to be undertaken during the empanelment period):

To achieve the above objectives, a Media & Communications strategy is necessary to create awareness, disseminate information, promotion of GIs & publicity, various promotional activities and other components to all stakeholders. To formulate a Media & Communications strategy and to implement a 3600 Media Campaign activity as well as execution of events at national/international level, services of agencies are required. This involves tasks mentioned under but not limited to these only.

2.4.1 The agencies will focus on implementing a national level communication strategy to ensure the specified target audience understands GIs, or any other creative tasks assigned by DPIIT from time to time. The scope of work is a brief list of activities to be undertaken by the empaneled agencies depending on requirement of DPIIT and events pertaining to promotion of GIs.

2.4.2 Understand the Objectives of the Geographical Indications Promotion clearly and

build communications around various platforms; how to use them effectively to

communicate in a creative manner to establish credibility of the message as per objectives.

2.5 Category: Advertising, Brand Identity and Strategy Formulation

2.5.1 Planning & strategy Plan and suggest 360-degree communication and marketing strategy Create Message of GIs around vision areas– empowerment, e-services, inclusiveness etc. The Agency is expected to design creatives in multiple languages for various media as per the requirement of DPIIT.

2.5.2 Information, Education and Communication (IEC) for GIs, but not limited to following activities: Conceptualization, designing, scripting, and development of Information, Education and Communication (IEC) materials including translation into various regional Languages Television – TV Commercials – Cinema Ads Radio – Radio Jingles – Radio Spot (Generic/Specific) – Radio Sponsored program  Testimonial videos – Interviews – Films (long/short)  Print media: (design, lay out, copy writing and color scheme) – Newspapers Ads, Articles for newspaper & magazines, advertorials, Press Release etc. on various activities/events/projects of DI Program – Brochures, booklets, leaflets, pamphlets, posters, training material, reports, any other mass communication material, newsletters, handouts etc. – Backdrop, standees, and other publicity materials for events, press briefings/conferences, exhibitions, interviews, other exhibition materials etc. – Notifications and Tender Notices advertising – Translation into various regional languages  Outdoor Media – Hoardings, banners, bus/train panels, bus shelters, panels & posters in metro rail and metro stations, railway stations and airports, illuminated signage, wall paintings, display panels etc.  Conceptualization, designing, scripting, and demonstrating interactive outdoor media and advertisement – Mini Concert – Car show – Road shows – Point of sale displays – Product demo – Free product trials – Tableau of GI, – Celebration of GI Day, – GI fair, – GI awareness campaign etc . Digital creative – SMS content for mobile marketing – Info-graphic/ banners – e-Books – Animated presentations – short videos (viral videos/information based how to do videos etc) Suggest brand ambassador and influencers from celebrities and renowned personalities Innovative proposals for the marketing of GIs and educating citizens about its various value propositions. Suggest a Feedback and Impact Assessment System for the entire communication and marketing strategy. Event Management: conceptualize the overall theme based on the selected venue and provide complete solution and manage all the logistics requirements.  Fabrication of stage, backdrops (Static or LED) based on requirement  Audio Visual and light requirement for the stage and the whole festival  Designing and printing of all promotional materials  Branding of the venue as well as the host city  Guest list management, invitation dispatch and RSVP  Translators for live transcript (audio and visual) and equipment to support  Pre event promotional activities  Welcome entrance gate  Cultural shows  Creative pathway décor (Props, Flags, cutouts)  Seating arrangement  Management of opening, closing ceremony and Media management (Press meet, Press releases, briefing sessions etc)  Registration and transportation  Security Management/ Protocol and seeking permissions from authorities Transportation and Hospitality management.  Uninterrupted power backup.

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