PR RFP Issued By Natchez Convention Promotion Commission

• Proposals will be due by 5:00pm CST on Friday, August 5, 2022

• A committee of staff and commissioners will review the proposals and may request a presentation either in person or via video conference with agencies prior to making a final decision by August 17, 2022.

• The committee will submit a recommendation to the NCPC Board of Commissioners by August 26, 2022.

• Final decision will be made by August 31, 2022, and the selected company will subsequently be notified as well as notices to all submitting companies • Work should begin by or before September 15, 2022


Originally inhabited by the Natchez Indians and founded in 1716 as a French settlement, Natchez, Mississippi is the oldest city in the state and one of the oldest cities in the country. Located on the bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River, we are known not only for our historic buildings, homes and churches, National Park sites, ancient Indian mounds, and the Natchez Trace Parkway, but also for magnificent sunsets, delicious cuisine, a vibrant art and music scene, outdoor adventures, walking trails, and events all year long. The travel and tourism industry has long been a major driver of the local economy, with employment over 20%, and supports hotels, B&B’s, restaurants, shops, tour companies by welcoming visitors from around the world. Natchez has a rich history to share including the stories of the Natchez Indians, pre-civil war houses and architecture, African American history from slavery to the civil rights era, women’s groups who saved the city from bankruptcy and irrelevancy. In addition to our unique history, Natchez is also looking forward with a vibrant experience for travelers including a burgeoning movie production scene, the largest assortment of bed and breakfasts in the country, riverboat cruise ships and authentic Natchez shopping and dining. The cultural background in Natchez is very diverse with not only a strong parity of black and white demographics, but also a rich tradition of women leadership and a growing LGBTQ community. Natchez faces an opportunity to drive a greater volume of visitation with travelers looking for a new adventure as we emerge from the pandemic and travel restrictions. Post COVID-19, we must be prepared to inspire travel and capture our share of the market to help aid in economic recovery for Natchez and the tourism industry. We have a new story to tell and are looking to create a new brand to help define and represent our path forward. More details can be found on our website:


This RFP has been issued to seek qualified advertising agencies with experience working with the tourism industry and can demonstrate the necessary experience and creativity to create branded messaging and ad design content. As we emerge from the Covid pandemic, it is an important time to reintroduce Natchez, Mississippi and Visit Natchez and recapture prospective visitors. The NCPC is in the process of developing a new brand including logo, tagline and brand guidance. The new advertising will reflect the essence of the new brand and the messaging we want to convey to visitors within Mississippi but to a greater degree, visitors from neighboring states as well as nationally and foreign independent travelers. We are looking for an advertising agency that will work with us and our other marketing partners, Advance Travel & Tourism (Digital) and the Lou Hammond Group (Public Relations) to develop new content and ensure a cohesive and coordinated strategy. The scope of work includes:

1. Development of Marketing Assets a. Ad Design for Print

b. Ad Design for Digital and Social Media

c. New Photography in alignment with Key Assets, Vertical Markets and signature events

d. New Video Assets (15 second and 30 second)

2. Development of Experiential Marketing Programs

a. Utilizing the new brand guidance, develop key activations to help promote our destination externally as well as activations for the local community

b. Develop activations for Natchez/Adams County Airport to feeder market (Dallas or Houston)

3. Merchandise design in accordance with new branding 

The NCPC will be providing a new brand logo and brand guidance. This will be available to the selected agency upon completion.


Submission must be provided in one 8-1/2 X 11 PDF formatted document, either emailed or submitted in hard copy form on or before the due date. Economic methods of submission are encouraged. Full demonstration of work may be provided in other formats to demonstrate creativity and options, but a copy must be included in the PDF proposal as well. The following sections must be included in the proposal:

1) Organization Details

a) Include Name, address, telephone and email of organization that will be contracted with and all trade names to be used

b) Contact names and telephone numbers of the organization’s principal officers as well as subcontractors should also be included.

c) An organizational chart of company, including any subcontractors who will work with NCPC

d) Brief history of the company, especially as it relates to work in the tourism sector and prior experience and knowledge of Natchez, Mississippi

e) Experience as it relates to messaging, ad design, and placement strategy

f) Summary of employees who will work on the account including their name, title, a short summary of their qualifications and their main role in working with NCPC

g) Total number of employees including full time, part time and contract workers

2) Case Studies & References

a) Three case studies completed by your firm with similar needs completed in recent years (tourism related is preferred) with measurable KPIs and results. Creative work should be included for each case study.

b) Indicate if the agency has had a contract terminated for non-performance over the last five years with either litigation determining the agency at fault or no litigation due to inaction on part of the organization.

c) Provide three references from past clients (destination marketing organizations are preferred)

3) Creative Ideas 

Although the new branding will not be available until after the contract is awarded

4) Timeline

Timeline for the project assuming a September 1, 2022, commencement

5) Cost

Cost proposal (itemized a la carte)

6) Disclosure

Disclosure of potential conflicts of interest

Proposals including supporting samples will not be returned to submitting companies

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