PR Strategy to Grow your Email Newsletter

One of the most important parts of email marketing and PR campaigns is email newsletters. Through newsletters, companies can not only advertise, but they can create stronger relationships with their consumers. Although it might seem like creating an email newsletter for a company is relatively easy, it’s not always the case. It’s not all about opening up an email platform, writing out a short message, selecting everyone on the list of contacts, and pressing the send button.

With a strong email strategy, companies can have successful email newsletters that lead consumers to take a desired action. In fact, companies can send out different newsletters to different audience segments, based on their interests, and even send them out at the right time, when the audience is most interested in the topic of that newsletter.

One of the most effective promotional channels in recent times has been emailing, which means having well-designed emails that are sent regularly, can guarantee that the company will receive consistent website traffic, which generates sales. Additionally, compared to other promotional efforts, emails are the most cost-effective way that companies can reach their consumers.

It’s also relatively easy for companies to measure the performance of their email newsletters, because plenty of email creation platforms provide users with various statistics from open and click rates, to bounce and unsubscribe rates. These measurements make it easy for companies to calculate the return on investment (ROI) and create content that’s relevant for the audience.


To create a successful email newsletter, the company should start at the goals of the newsletter – what it plans to achieve with the emails. To decide on the right goals, it can be helpful for the company to review its own business goals, corporate values, or even visions. This way, the email campaign will be aligned with the overall business goals the company already has, and work to strengthen them.

Then the company can work on defining the KPIs for the email campaign, which will help in measuring the success of the email newsletter. Some of the main figures, as previously mentioned, include the open, click, deliverability, click through, sign up rates, as well as the bounce, spam, and unsubscribe rates. The KPIs usually largely depend on the goals that are previously set, as they should align with them.

Finally, it’s time to start researching and creating content for the email newsletter. The content should either appeal to the general target audience of the business or be separated by audience segments.


The other main part of email newsletters is actually sending the emails out to the people that have subscribed to the newsletter. The emails should be sent to the right audience segments, at the right time, to achieve the best possible success. From there, the company can immediately start focusing on the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and adjust all future email newsletter content according to the performance of each email it sends out.

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