PR Tips for Hedge Funds

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Many hedge fund managers are constantly looking for investors, yet they limit their company’s ability to find those investors and advertise to them due to their adverse public relations perspective. Furthermore, plenty of hedge funds prefer to operate away from the public’s eye, but that also hides them from the target audience – the investors, who might end up thinking that the company is being secretive when that’s not the case at all.

One way hedge funds can improve their trustworthiness with their target audience is by having a professional and attractive website that details the company’s strategy, history, and people. Whenever a company doesn’t have a landing page at all, or the website looks poorly-done, it raises a lot of red flags for the potential investors.

The company’s website also needs to have strong content, such as through leadership material or video content that the viewers will find as informative or otherwise helpful, to show that the hedge fund takes its clients and community seriously.

Whenever a potential investor hears about a hedge fund they’re looking to invest in, the first thing they’re going to do is research that company online. This is precisely why hedge funds need to have positive media coverage in search results whenever someone looks up the company.

This type of media coverage can include things such as the company’s investment strategy, its views, or any charitable activities, and the audience might end up considering this as a form of third-party validation. When people are increasingly suspicious of what companies are saying about themselves, this is extremely beneficial as having positive coverage and reviews from others is considered very valuable for potential clients when considering investing.

Different hedge funds will be looking to attract a different audience – for example, when attempting to reach potential high-net-worth investors, the company should think about which media outlets it can reach out to in order to get that audience’s attention. The best way to reach the target audience is to segment the large group into smaller ones and then think about which types of investors are interested in which news titles.

This strategy can further be developed into considering whether to reach the audience via print or broadcast, and hedge funds also have to consider the potential investors’ geographic locations too.

Whether they are specialized or general, communicating with media outlets is another way that hedge funds can improve their brand image and reach potential investors. However, before doing so, the company should decide whether they will have a spokesperson from the hedge fund or someone from the outside.

In either case, this spokesperson should always receive media training before an interview and go over the key messages that they should convey, as well as consult with legal personnel on which points shouldn’t be discussed.

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