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Founded in 2019, Otter PR is an award-winning PR agency with headquarters in Orlando, Florida. The agency works with clients in order to secure meaningful media coverage for their brands, with a focus on digital, speaking, TV, and podcast. Otter PR’s mission is to improve the old business model by bringing in elite-level and personalized PR professionals to brands and corporations, which will provide the clients with guaranteed results that translate into ROI for those businesses.

The team at Otter PR has over 200 years of combined experience in the public relations industry, which means clients can enjoy great benefits from working with very experienced publicists and a high-quality writing staff that delivers results. Additionally, being rated as one of the top PR agencies across the country means that all brands that decide to work with Otter PR can actually receive guaranteed media coverage.

When starting to work with a client, the agency first conducts an interview with the business, so that it can create the ideal PR plan for the brand, and build the relationship with the client on a premise of growth. Clients can get coverage from targeted media outlets and build their authority and credibility in the market. They can also benefit from an increase in both organic and website traffic, secure speaking engagements across a variety of outlets, and enjoy the many benefits of media coverage in general.

Otter PR’s clients consistently get featured in some of the world’s top publications and outlets. That means whenever a brand or corporation works with the agency, the business will be placed in the hands of proven and qualified professionals that care about the client’s success.

There are several different packages that clients can choose when working with Otter PR, and each one guarantees at least one media placement. With the essential package, which is the optimal solution for starting brands, the client works with a qualified publicist to create a custom PR strategy, with a focus on digital publication. The essential package also includes a dedicated writing team, as well as service and support.

The expert package is a great choice for scaling brands, as clients can work with senior publicists who will pitch the client and the company’s expertise to podcasts, TV, and presentations. The expert package comes with VIP service and support, and guarantees at least two media placements.

There’s also the executive package, for established brands, where clients will work with a PR executive, as well as a full team of PR professionals that provide complete communications audits and create PR strategies. Additionally, with the executive package, the agency guarantees at least three media placements.

Finally, for brands and corporations that span across several regions and require a custom PR package that covers multiple markets, there’s Otter PR’s enterprise package. Every website placement comes from a site with strong domain authority and high monthly traffic.

A number of companies have already experienced the benefits of working with Otter PR on their PR and communications campaigns, such as Charity Pro Travel, Bitcoin of America, Music Beats Cancer, and many others.

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