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Proposals due on or before 3:00 p.m. CST on.March 15, 2024



The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to seek qualified agencies to support the CCDA’s strategic communications for destination marketing: advertising and production, digital media, and public relations. Qualified agencies will have a working knowledge of the tourism industry. CCDA’s desired partner will have the capacity to provide strategic counsel and direction, actively share and promote the destination’s message, amplify successes, and position Carroll County as a premier destination in Mississippi for leisure travel at the national, regional, and local levels. As the CCDA’s agency, the selected firm will be responsible for assisting in the development and support of CCDA’s destination marketing: advertising and production, digital media, website management, photography/videography, driving tour apps and public relations campaigns incorporating the theme “A Road Trip Through Carroll County.” The agency must be able to provide strong insight and message development to assist with niche campaigns.

The CCDA intends to contract with a qualified agency to support its continued recovery efforts, stemmed from the negative economic impacts of COVID-19. This contract will be funded through federal ARPA dollars for Mississippi Tourism Recovery, II.

This RFP in no way commits the CCDA to award a contract, to pay any costs in preparation of a proposal, or to contract for the goods and/or services offered. Although it is CCDA’s intent to contract with the person/company that best meets the qualifications to complete the scope of work, the CCDA may terminate the negotiations if they are unsuccessful in reaching an agreement on all matters including the scope of work and cost.


The selected agency’s responsibilities will include the following:

 Work in conjunction with the CCDA staff to conduct a marketing program to attract visitors from primary target markets.

 Develop and execute creative concepts, strategies, and tactics, as part of the agreed upon strategy and target markets, including but not limited to:

o Social Media Marketing

o Website and App Marketing and Management

o Photography and Videography for website, social media, billboards, regional print ads, etc.

o Management of Media Marketing, Service Vendors


CCDA’s Tourism Committee provides guidance and support for the following existing tourism sites: Towns of Carrollton, North Carrollton, and Vaiden, Cosworth Center, and the three [3] Mississippi John Hurt sites.



CCDA is geographically located in the central section of Mississippi. It is bisected by MS Highways 82, 17, 35.Its population is approximately 10,000. Carroll County has two county seats: District 1 – Carrollton [formed in 1834 has a current population of 216 people] and District 2 – Vaiden [formed in 1860 has a current population of 754 people]. The other incorporated town is North Carrollton [formed in 1899 has a current population of 407].

The COVID-19 pandemic created significant disruption to businesses in the hospitality sector including restaurants, and small businesses. Additionally, ourtourist attractions experienced sharp declines in revenue and visitation.


Because of the location of Carroll County and the trend in tourism for shorter driving times, our target markets include areas within a single day’s drive. These include but are not limited to Memphis, Tennessee; Birmingham, AL; New Orleans, LA; Little Rock, AR; and the states of Kentucky, Texas, and the rest of Mississippi. Secondary markets include Georgia and North Carolina.

These markets have been chosen not only because of their physical location but also because many of the early Carroll County settlers came from Georgia and North Carolina. In later years, descendants of those settlers migrated west and eventually ended in Texas.

Carroll County is a rural county. Agriculture remains a major source of income. However, until Carroll County gains more recognition as a tourism destination, farmers are not interested in investing in agritourism.

On the other hand, Carroll County [especially the Carrollton-North Carrollton area] has many historic sites that tourist are interested in visiting. Carrollton has been described as the quintessential 19th century town. Sixty-seven sites in the town are in the National Register of History Places historic district. The annual Carrollton Pilgrimage showcases some of these sites each year. Just north of Carrollton sits the home the US Senator J. Z. George. Before the Senator purchased the property, it was a stagecoach inn on the Memphis/Holly Springs/Carrollton/Vicksburg or Jackson route.

The property remained in the family until 2010 when the house, library, a few other buildings and five acres were sold to the Cotesworth Center Foundation. Today, visitors come from all over the US to visit the home and learn about Mississippi history. Because of the appearance of Carrollton and Cotesworth, they have been used as movie locations for movies such as The Reivers starring Steve

McQueen and The Help starring Viola Davis and Emma Stone. This is another reason tourists come to Carroll County.

Carroll County is also part of three Mississippi trails. Music enthusiasts flock to Carroll County to see where Mississippi John Hurt lived, played ,and was buried. The three sites associated with this early bluesman are marked with Blues trail markers and are visited by followers from all over the world.

Other Carroll County musicians such as Mack Allen Smith, the King of Rockabilly, have also left their mark on the music world and are on the Country Music Trail. Carrollton is also on Mississippi’s Writer’s Trail, honoring Carrollton native Elizabeth Spencer.

Carroll County, with its historic architecture, music, and literature, draws enthusiasts and leisure travelers who find memories of days gone by in Carroll County.


BUDGET: CCDA will fund this contract at a maximum of $170,000. This budget is based on creative production, strategy execution, media planning and placement (both online and offline), media placement fees, account management fees, and out-of-pocket expenses. This budget will be implemented in phases over a three-year period, with year one requiring the largest amount of production. CCDAreserves the right to adjust both the budget and related services.

BILLING: CCDAlimits invoicing to one invoice per month. Each invoice should be on agency letterhead and include the monthfor which payment is due as well as detail of work completed at the mutually agreed upon rate(s) or amount in the executed contract.

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