Blonde 2.0: Profile of Israeli PR Firm

Profile Of Blonde 2.0: Israeli PR Firm

Blonde 2.0 is an award-winning PR agency with offices primarily in Israel. The company is headed Ayelet Noff. Co-CEO Motti Peer also helps to lead the way as one of the Movers and Shakers of Israeli PR.

Blonde 2.0 consists of a team of more than 30 professionals, with expertise in the Crypto-currency and Blockchain world. The brand has several exciting launches and awards under their belt, and over the years, they’ve been able to gain the experience required to help a range of companies achieve their business goals. Ayelet Noff is the woman leading the way for Blonde 2.0. She brought the company to life in 2006, with a special interest in lifestyle, VCs, startups, and technology. The organization also has a special unit called “BlondeChain” which supports the various requirements of modern crypto companies. Blonde 2.0 has worked with clients like Google, Viber, and Microsoft to incorporate high-level press release solutions and social media campaigns.

Blonde 2.0 Leadership and Clients:

Blonde 2.0 is one of the most exciting boutique PR firms in Israel. Since 2006, the company has helped over 1000 tech companies like Viber, Microsoft, Waze, and more share unique stories with the world, and the company also focuses on developing stories for the latest crypto companies too. Ever since the Bitcoin wave evolved, Blonde 2.0 has been leading the way with exciting new public relations opportunities for companies like Winding Tree, Sirin Labs, Zen Protocol and many others.

Since their inception in 2006, Blonde has helped to launch and market a range of exciting products, and today they offer customers a range of unique ways to build and market their brand in the digital space. Regardless of whether a client has just a simple idea or a product that’s ready to take to market, Blonde 2.0 is there to help. Blonde 2.0 can also create unique social media marketing strategies based on in-depth research into the marketplace and years of professional experience. They can guide social teams to help maintain reputations and boost performance in the workplace. Not only that, but Blonde 2.0 has also won various awards over the years, including the Best Viral Campaign for their Yo program in 2015.

Blonde 2.0 also won an award for the best use of social and digital media in the campaign of the year awards for PR World. Aside from a vast range of technology companies like the ones mentioned above, Blonde has offered PR services to companies like Bancor, Ignis, Ardor, and Hero too.

Perks and Problems:

For those looking for a chance to work with one of the best-renowned PR firms in the world, Blonde 2.0 offers an advanced global solution. The organization gives today’s PR graduates and would-be experts the chance to become the voice of some of the biggest technology and blockchain companies in the world. As an employer, Blonde 2.0 offers workers the chance to join a family, as well as a company. The job offers plenty of great training options and opportunities for personal development, and there’s a high compensation package too – which is great for helping the brand to stay ahead of its competitors.

Blonde 2.0 also give employees a chance to get involved with thought leadership strategies to build on their own personal brands and improve their knowledge if the public relations world. Through the creation of guest posts and the publication of content in the right outlets, Blonde 2.0 not only help to grow the companies they work with but also give their employees unique development opportunities too. Blonde 2.0 offers an insight into their business performance on their social media pages. Interested candidates can find out more about the firm on their Facebook or Twitter page. Or there’s more information available on the Blonde 2.0 website.

Getting a Job with Blonde 2.0:

The employees at Blonde 2.0 go above and beyond to make sure that the right brands make connections with the right customers. They come up with unique ways to sell branded stories, write press releases and get relevant media stories out to the masses. This company also makes sure that the right content creators are matched with the right brands for a unique and relevant tone of voice.

Those looking to work for Blonde 2.0 can find a range of available new roles available to explore today, as the team looks to expand with creative writers who love the technology world. In order to excel in a Blonde 2.0 role, employees will need to be able to work well in a fast-paced and agile environment that’s all about the latest technology innovations. Blonde 2.0 describes itself as a company that’s ready to conquer the digital world and helps companies achieve incredible things with their online presence and reputation. Candidates looking for a job will need to send a resume and cover letter to the company through their available careers page.


When Blonde 2.0 first launched, it was driven by a passion for communication and technology. The team behind this company are still looking for new ways to get involved with the latest digital developments today, which is why they’re constantly involved with campaigns for the biggest tech companies around. One of the most recent sectors that Blonde 2.0 have started to get involved with is the crypto and blockchain industry. This PR team recently evolved into a blockchain expert, accepting cryptocurrencies as payment for their services. The brand recently introduced their BlondeChain service. Blonde 2.0 is also particularly unique because it can work with clients on crowdfunding strategies.

Blonde 2.0 is a good choice for Israeli companies, although some say they take on more than they can handle.  Other firms who handle many Israeli companies worldwide include 5WPR, Dukas-Linden and Ruder Finn.

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