Profile of Jackson Spalding PR

The Jackson Spalding PR Agency came to life in 1995, with the firm belief that there was a better way for people to run next-level marketing agencies that serve and support their clients. This is a business that strives to offer their clients something different, whether it’s through their excellent customer service or their unique approach to communications.

Jackson Spalding has never strived to be the biggest or most highly-decorated PR brand, they’ve simply taken a humble approach to marketing and communications, providing thoughtful solutions to their customers.

Leadership and Clients

Jackson Spalding is an agency fully devoted to serving their clients in as many unique and creative ways as possible. The company is always looking for new and better ways to evaluate information without bias, and they’re constantly searching for chances to improve their business strategies.

The Jackson Spalding agency has three offices, throughout Athens, Dallas, and Atlanta. Today, there are more than 150 team members in the business, and the company works alongside companies from a range of different industries, including travel, food, technology, and more. Some of the biggest brands on the Jackson Spalding Roster include Delta Air Lines, Google, The Coca-Cola Company, Toyota, and Chick-Fil-A.

Perks and Problems

As a fast-paced PR business, Jackson Spalding believe in infusing culture into everything they do to become a highly respected marketing agency. They foster opportunities for personal and professional growth in their employees, with external training opportunities, quarterly workshops for all members of staff, and even think and drink sessions where people can come together to talk about their projects and offer up interesting ideas.

The Jackson Spalding learning-first approach to community also means that they run monthly learn and lunch sessions covering a range of topics relevant to everyone within the agency. There are always new ways for the people in this company to evolve. However, employees handle high caseloads quickly.

Jackson Spalding PR Services

Jackson Spalding pride themselves on offering marketing and public relations services for the full lifecycle of the brand, whether it’s an established company, or an evolving business. Some of the services offered include brand positioning, communication strategy, public relations, advertising, crisis management, SEO, and social media. Other services include:

  • Website Design
  • UX design
  • Advertising
  • Coaching
  • Event Marketing
  • Photography and video
  • Analytics

Getting a Job with Jackson Spalding

Jackson Spalding believe that a good work environment is all about working hard and playing hard. The leadership for this company is deeply devoted to the brand, and people within the team often enjoy working together on complex projects. Those interested in joining the Jackson Spalding Group can check out the available opportunities on their career page or send through a cover letter with a resume to the business admins.

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