Profile On Lazar Partners

Profile On Lazar Partners

The people behind Lazar Partners founded this organization in 2001 to provide the world with a diverse range of strategic and incisive communication and marketing support solutions for some of the world’s most innovative healthcare companies. The organization consistently devotes itself to generating long-term partnerships with clients so that they can accomplish some of their various objectives.

With integrated communications expertise, Lazar Partners has what it takes to form productive connections with influencers in various marketplaces while validating brand products and companies. After working with a range of public and private companies, the organization has developed a creative approach which it uses most often in the financial community and healthcare industry.

Leadership and Clients

A diverse company with plenty of expertise to offer in different areas – Lazar Partners are proud of their track record when it comes to delivering exceptional results-driven programs intended to keep clients on track. The organizations in-depth understanding of the healthcare environment ensures that they’re able to bring plenty of background knowledge to any project – no matter how complex.

Lazar Partners prides themselves of bringing a fresh approach to each new project so that every client gets a thoughtful and bespoke outcome to their communications needs, crafted according to the dynamics of the current marketplace and the needs of a specific audience. The company’s clientele ranges all the way from brands like Auxilium Pharmaceuticals to the Insulet Corporation, and Biogen Idec.

Perks and Problems

Lazar Partners create diverse and tailored communications programs to assist clients in navigating a diverse and dynamic network of complex influencers, customers, and healthcare shareholders. The organization devotes itself to helping every brand make the most powerful connections possible.

As an employer, Lazar Partners provides a collaborative and all-inclusive active learning environment packed full of projects that come with meaning. People who work for this group get a sense that they’re contributing to the greater good because of the wide range of financial and healthcare companies that the brand works with.

Lazar Partners is a company that’s fun and fast-paced to work with. To get an insight into their diverse company culture, check out their LinkedIn page.

Getting a Job with Lazar Partners

Founded in 2001 to serve clients who create the most ground-breaking medicines and technologies in the space, Lazar Partners is an innovative place packed full of opportunities for PR experts to grow their expertise in with specialist companies in the Pharma, medical technology and biotech industries. The company combines skills in journalism with strategic scientific strategies to help firms reach diverse communication goals.

For those looking for the opportunity to work with Lazar Partners, the company is currently hiring to fill up their Investor Relations team. Interested candidates can send a cover letter and recent resume to


Lazar Partners set themselves apart in the PR industry by going above and beyond on behalf of their clients. As well as providing standard PR services and communication management, the company also offers solutions for internal communication management, website promotion and development, advertising, media relations, strategic communication planning, and even patient and physician training advisory services.

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