Profile of Lou Hammond Group

Profile of Lou Hammond Group

The Lou Hammond Group opened its doors in 1984 with only three employees and three clients to their name. Now, more than thirty years later, they’re a global company with a strong reputation for quality. With a client list that spans the premier lifestyle providers around the world, and a strong sense of passion for the communications industry, LHG remain true to their entrepreneurial roots.

The Lou Hammond Group claim that they only have one vision, to achieve creative and value driven campaigns marked by quick action and performance.

Leadership and Clients:

At its core, the Lou Hammond Group is an integrated marketing communications company with offices across Miami, Los Angeles, Charleston, and New York. A leader in marketing and PR for more than 34 years, the organization serves eight industries in particularly, including wine and food, lifestyle, cruise and rail, travel and hospitality, economic development, technology and real-estate.

Today, LHG has 40 clients and 40 employees, and they received more than 70 awards during the course of 2017. With a strong focus on collaboration and community, the business feels that it’s important to make the most out of their business strategies, treating clients as partners so that everyone works together as a team.

Lead by Lou Rena Hammond, this company evolved from a three-employee company into an award-winning independent marketing agency.

Perks and Problems:

The Lou Hammond Group take a unique approach to business and marketing communications. With no debt, and no time sheets to worry about, all personnel in the group are available when their clients need them – regardless of time issues. This ensures that clients get a next-level support structure. However, it also means that long hours are common for people in the business.

The company has a lot of good things going for it as an employer. Teams get plenty of support from managers and leadership who are invested in the growth of the company, and there’s plenty of benefits and perks to go around. The fast-growing client list also means that everyone gets a lot of responsibility to work with from an early stage.


The Lou Hammond Group pride themselves on giving their clients all the talent and skills they need to execute exceptional marketing plans as quickly and effectively as possible. They’re there to ensure that everyone gets the best results from their strategic ideas as cost-effectively and quickly as possible. By providing clients with a PR firm, ad agency, branding firm and digital marketing group in once, they ensure that clients are fully served.

Some of the services provided by the Lou Hammond Group include strategic planning, creative services, branding, digital marketing, and public relations management.

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