Profile of Mercury Public Affairs

Profile of Mercury Public Affairs

Mercury Public Affairs is a high-stakes public relations firm with their eye on strategy. The company provides exceptional results for some of the most successful organizations in the world, including advocacy groups, government bodies, and political parties. They also support a host of unique public and political figures.

Leadership and Clients:

A company dedicated to excelling in all aspects of public relations and communications – including digital, broadcast and print. Mercury specializes in crafting the perfect narrative for any client – amplifying the voice of their customers in any conversation. Their distinctive capabilities include success in booking influencers and understanding audience demographics.

The current leader of Mercury Public Affairs is managing director Stephen Aaron. Stephen is a professional in the public affairs industry with more than ten years of experience in his field. He’s known for working alongside corporation’s Congress and high-profile associations and excels in helping clients to deal with complex issues.

Mercury Public Affairs pride themselves in supporting companies in various industries including the media, government, business, technology, and politics. Companies in Mercury’s portfolio include Microsoft, Uber, Virgin, Hyundai, Airbnb, and many more.

Perks and Problems:

Mercury Public Affairs believe that their commitment to customer service and excellence comes from their diverse team of experts. The company hires people who succeed in various sectors and industries, including those in the government, business, technology and politics space. Although Mercury PR believes in o giving their employees the best possible experience the reviews about this company vary.

Many people on referral companies say that the organization offers a varied and diverse place to work with plenty of important tasks to complete. However, it’s also worth noting that the long hours expected of staff in this space can be stressful for some. Despite this, the unique perspective that Mercury brings to everything they do helps them to excel.


Mercury Public Affairs offers their clients a range of services from world-class experts who focus on various disciplines. Their teams collaborate in a unique environment to execute state of the art campaigns in everything from advocacy advertising to crisis management and digital marketing. Some of the other services offered by Mercury Public Affairs include:

  • Grassroots building
  • Government relations
  • International affairs
  • Merger and acquisition management
  • Political consulting
  • Strategic media relations
  • Public opinion research

Getting a Job with Mercury Public Affairs:

Though Mercury Public Affairs don’t have a dedicated job page on their website they do encourage potential new candidates to get in touch with them through their contact page. Many applicants for Mercury jobs get their interviews through an online application.


As a provider of world-class solutions for clients around the world, Mercury Public Affairs has achieved recognition from award ceremonies and various publications. For instance, they won the AAPC campaign excellence award in 2014 for campaign strategist of the year.

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