Profile of Mercury Public Affairs

Profile of Mercury Public Affairs

Mercury Public Affairs is a public relations firm that places a key focus on strategy. Its clients consist of some of the largest and most successful organizations globally, that cover a wide range of industries from government bodies to political parties and advocacy groups. In addition, the firm also services political and public figures.

Mercury Public Affairs Leadership and Clients

Mercury extensively covers the different aspects of public relations and communications. Using digital, broadcast and print, the firm specializes in creating narratives that fit their clients’ unique profiles. One of the ways in which Mercury helps its clients to enhance its brand voice is through the use of booking influencers, as well as demonstrating an understanding of audience demographics.

Mercury Public Affairs is led by managing director, Stephen Aaron. He brings over ten years of experience in the public affairs industry to the role. Working with Congress and other high-profile associations highlights his ability to help clients deal with intricate issues. 

Mercury industries has a diverse set of skills that makes it possible to work with clients spanning different industries, such as government and media. The expansive scope of Mercury’s clients covers household names such as Uber, Microsoft and AirBnB. 

Perks and Problems

Mercury Public Affairs credits its excellence and dedication to providing exceptional customer service to its team of experts with experience in different industries. Many of the employees are people who have succeeded in different industries, from business and technology to politics and government, and they bring their cumulative experience to the Mercury workforce.

Former employees commonly mention the diversity that Mercury offers as a workplace, as well as the breadth of significant work to be done. There are some, however, who state that the hours expected of staff can be difficult to manage.


Mercury Public Affairs provides its clients with a wide range of services, using the skills of world-class experts who have industry experience in diverse fields.

For all their work, Mercury use their understanding of different kinds of audiences to ensure that they create high-performing campaigns.

Through collaborating in a unique environment, their teams execute high-level campaigns in different facets of PR from digital marketing to crisis management and advocacy campaigns.

Apart from those, Mercury offers other services such as: 

●     Public opinion research 

●     International affairs

●     Merger and acquisition management 

●     Strategic media relations 

●     Political consulting 

●     Grassroots building

Getting a Job with Mercury Public Affairs 

They don’t have a dedicated job page on their website, but Mercury Public Affairs welcome candidates to reach out to them using the details on their contact page. Many people who are interested in working for Mercury go through an online application before receiving their interviews. 

Keeping a lookout for job postings on various boards online can also help some aspiring candidates to learn about new vacancies at Mercury early, allowing them to send their applications in early, and to highlight the skills they have that are relevant to the job in their applications. 

Because of the extensive list of clients Mercury has, as well as the fact that they are always taking on new clients cutting-edge industries, the firm tries to ensure that they recruit new personnel who have the skills necessary to meet the needs of their clients.

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