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Singer Associates PR Firm

Singer Associates PR is a leading San Francisco Public Relations firm specializing in issue management, public affairs, crisis communications, advertising, and more. They work alongside startups trying to make a good impression on the marketplace, as well as Fortune 500 agents trying to re-introduce themselves to their customers to help their clients get the best results possible.

Sam Singer is the man behind Singer Associates. After launching the brand in 2000, Singer helped make the company one of the leading crisis communications and public relations organisations in the US.

Leadership and Clients

Bringing together a broad selection of politics, media, government, community relations, advertising, social media and digital skills, Singer Associates represents some of the largest and most well-known corporations in the world. They’ve also been responsible for dealing with government agencies, prominent experts and trade associations.

Singer Associates believes in creating state-of-the-art strategies for their customers that lead to a range of communication and marketing successes. They work alongside people in the litigation, regulatory affairs, politics, healthcare, recycling, and hospitality sectors. Many of their clients include household names like Stanford Healthcare, Coca-Cola, Marriott and Gap.

Perks and Problems

Singer Associates offers a fantastic employment opportunity to people in the digital marketing and public relations spaces. They also have internships and jobs for those who thrive in public affairs. This award-winning company helps numerous clients to achieve their goals in public relations through well-managed, thoughtful, and results-focused campaigns.

According to previous employees, the firm is full of great people to work with and fantastic opportunities to learn new skills. However, there are a lot of extra hours to work, and many employees work over without additional pay.


Singer Associates offers a range of digital and traditional PR and public affairs services to their clients, including the creation of great websites, blogs, and digital media communication campaigns for some of the world’s most important political and public affairs efforts. As well as digital marketing strategies, Singer Associates also specializes in public affairs with planning from former news reporters and community organizers.

Singer Associates are also leaders in the space of crisis management and can help brands undergoing a relationship problem to maintain their reputation in their chosen marketplace. They’ve worked with supporting companies through data breaches, mergers, employee layoffs and more.

Getting a Job with Singer Associates

Singer Associates don’t currently have a careers page on their website to help attract new PR agents and experts to their team. Those interested in starting a career with the company may need to consider sending a resume and cover letter through the brand’s contact page.

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