Promedia Public Relations: Delivering Effective Communications Strategies

Since 1983, Promedia Public Relations has grown into a leading and most trusted PR firm in Australia. Delivering effective communication strategies for hundreds of brands and clients in government, community and business sectors, the agency has mastered the art of creating messages that help generate tangible results.

With the agency’s success being built on creativity and innovation, the PR agency remains curious, pushing into new spaces with new ideas that help clients connect with their target audiences.

Founded on the Gold Coast, Promedia PR offers unmatched expertise in the lifestyle, construction, property, and tourism sectors. Working with some of the largest Australian public and privately-owned companies, the agency has cemented its position as a go-to agency within Australia’s marketing and communication space.

Key services

#1. Publicity & media relations

Understanding that positive exposure to news media is key to effective communication, Promedia Public Relations has honed the art of increasing brand awareness and credibility for government, non-profit, and business organizations.

Employing professional media assistance services and leveraging a large network of traditional and digital media, Promedia’s PR service easily recognizes quality news, stories that sing, and easily prepares media materials that meet the standards demanded by major news organizations.

Having generated positive and repetitive exposure for local, national, and international clients, the agency proves its prowess in the publicity and media relations field.

#2. Community & stakeholder engagement

Understanding that genuine consultations and engagement with communities and their target audiences is critical for the success of any infrastructure or property development project, Promedia PR has honed the art of community engagement.

Given that community and stakeholder engagement is a considerably specialized craft, the award-winning agency prides itself on being exceptional at developing appropriate communication tools, establishing correct feedback mechanisms, and the creation of meaningful reports.

Leveraging the agency’s experience in stakeholder management, consultation strategies, and communication processes, Promedia PR is well-positioned to advise on the best approaches for any community or stakeholder engagement activity.

Abiding by best practices in community consultation – as outlined by the Public Relations Institute of Australia (PRIA) and the Queensland State Government -, the agency’s counsel plays a big role in statutory approval and government decision-making processes.

#3. Sponsorships & strategic partnerships

Working with like-minded partners is a powerful mechanism for increasing the reach of a brand’s message. Forming the right alliances with the right brand ambassador and sponsor unlocks synergies that enable a brand’s message to reach the select audience.

Working with Promedia PR’s team, organizations benefit from the right alignments and partnerships. Organizations benefit from negotiations on mutually agreeable terms, ensuring that different parties reap maximum benefits.

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