Promoting Wellness Brands

As another end to a stressful year is approaching, and the world is still trying to navigate the impact of the global pandemic and its constant shifts in consumer behavior and values, one of the industries that has  successfully persisted throughout all of that has been the wellness industry. While innovation has been booming across many industries, with brands trying to show how relevant they can be and implement the latest technologies and promotional strategies, wellness brands have only been pushed further into the spotlight.

Hims and Hers

One of the brands that has  been pushed into the spotlight and achieved even more success than before has been a lifestyle-turned-wellness brand. Hims was first created as a lifestyle brand that addressed problems many men around the world have experienced. Later on, the company also launched a sister brand, titled Hers, which quickly evolved into a telehealth platform that can connect healthcare professionals to consumers. By giving customers access to high-quality medical care, the company managed to cater to healthcare consumerism while cultivating high levels of trust in a time filled with uncertainty and skepticism.

The brands have also managed the customer experience from beginning to end, which helped in positioning the company in the changing landscape of telemedicine. Additionally, the company also provides a connected customer experience and plans to continue to do so while investing in new product categories and growth.


Another brand that has achieved a lot of success over the last couple of years, and that managed to pioneer a brand new wellness category, has been Whoop. This is a brand that gives users next-generation wearables which monitor a number of different things in the consumers’ daily lives, from their fitness to their sleep and even their recovery process after exercise. Although the brand was originally aimed as a specialized product for professional athletes, it evolved enough to fill a gap in the market of fitness enthusiasts that are looking to take their health to a new level.

The brand’s central idea which inhabits everything the company has been doing both internally and externally has been physical human performance. With that in mind, the company provided consumers with personalized insights into their daily life and wellness.


Finally, another brand that quickly established itself as a leader in fitness equipment has been Tonal, which is an at-home personal and strength training platform. The company uses equipment, digital weight, and advanced AI software to give consumers excellent workouts. Additionally, by using personalization, data, and regular updates, consumers know what to do and how to do it, and they have the freedom to do all the exercises in the comfort of their own homes.

The brand has successfully created a connected experience for its consumers, as it’s been creating engaging content for its members, which resulted in a passionate community of fitness-conscious people.

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