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Closing Date & Time (Atlantic Time) 17 Apr 2024 2:00 pm


MnDOT Contract Number: 1056240

Exhibit C: Specifications, Duties and Scope of Work

Project Overview

State seeks a Contractor to provide communication and outreach planning and execution for a pavement and roundabout construction project on Highway 97 in Forest Lake. The Contractor will provide construction communications and outreach work for the two-year project on Highway 97 between I-35 and Hwy 61 in Forest Lake. Project construction is anticipated to start in Spring 2025 and continue through late fall 2026 with outreach work beginning Spring 2024. The Contractor will possess strong expertise in mass communications writing, business and community outreach, social media, and strategic marketing.

The State prefers a Contractor with at least one team member with document accessibility certification and the ability to make all documents accessibility for the public. The Contractor will prepare a cost-effective communication and outreach work plan that includes traditional and non-traditional communications and outreach strategies. Research shows that motorists traveling in this area already have a long commute to and from the twin cities area without construction. During construction there will be extensive traffic impacts and delays including lane, ramp, interchange, road closures and detours throughout the project.

The Highway 97 reconstruction work is part of a continuing effort by State to address an aging transportation system that needs significant preservation. Thousands of motorists travel daily on this stretch of Highway 97 as motorist use this road as a connector route to the Twin Cities. The work includes reconstructing the road, construct a single-lane roundabout, add raised medians, construct multi-use trail, upgrade pedestrian accessibility, repair/replace drainage. This work will improve safety and traffic flow, provides better pedestrian and bicycle access, extend pavement life, improve ride quality. When completed, the work will help us maintain a smoother, longer lasting road surface, improve safety and mobility along the corridor.

Contractor will develop and execute a communications & outreach plan for informing community residents, businesses, motorists, freight, and other stakeholders about the traffic impacts.

Below are the overall guiding communications principles of this contract:

A. Contractor will provide accurate and timely plain language information about various traffic impacts, closures and detours to citizens and businesses during construction.

B. Contractor will ease confusion by communicating with area businesses and residents in advance of changing project stages.

C. Contractor will effectively communicate the benefits of how the investment will foster economic growth, improve local transportation, and move people safely and efficiently.

D. Contractor will help ease congestion by educating those using the highway about detours, alternative modes of travel during construction.

E. Contractor will promote for accurate, timely information.

F. Contractor will exhibit a high-level of understanding of inclusivity best practices, Environmental Justice and demonstrated application of cultural competencies.

Project Goal

The goal to create better awareness of this work by communicating before and during construction about the

traffic impacts and delays. Communication will occur in a timely manner to all audiences, promoting the use of and the website for accurate up-to-the-minute information and help ease congestion by educating motorists about alternative routes.

Scope of Work – Deliverables

The contractor must include the following components to successfully deliver on this effort.


1. Project Management

Contractor will:

1.1 Demonstrate outstanding writing skills including spelling, grammar, and Associated Press (AP) style with a strong ability to write clear, engaging, informative marketing copy for a variety of mediums including but not limited to print and social media, all while maintaining a consistent brand voice.

1.2 Adhere to State graphic, social media, print and web standards. Reference State Metro District Style Guide and Minnesota State branding style guide

1.3 Produce written materials/collateral in a way that is easy to understand; create maps, graphics and web content in accordance with State and federal laws regarding Plain Language and American Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance Accessibility |

Policies & Standards / Minnesota IT Services (

1.4 Provide native files for materials created for the State and project with the understanding that materials created for the project is property of the State to use and edit as the State deems appropriate.

1.5 Direct and manage the Contractor team, manage tasks/deliverables, budget, and schedule; efficiently coordinate planning and decision-making with the State.

1.6 Schedule, attend and facilitate communication virtual team meetings to plan for and coordinate deliverables, including agendas and meeting minutes.

1.7 Provide administrative services (billing, postage, invoices etc.). Provide monthly invoices and progress reports (electronic).

1.8 Schedule, coordinate, and lead one online project kickoff meeting.

1.9 Participate in regularly scheduled virtual status update Project Management Team (PMT)meetings with

the project team starting at full execution of this contract.

1.10 Attend preconstruction and weekly construction meetings, as necessary.

1.11 Follow State of Minnesota guidance on indoor and outdoor gatherings for meetings, pop up events and public engagement. Change to online options with appropriate virtual engagement or meeting platform, if in-person meetings are not allowed.

Task 1 Deliverables Summary

1. Contractor will provide up to 25 monthly invoices and progress reports.

2. Contractor will provide Virtual project communications kickoff meeting, including agenda and minutes.

3. Contractor will provide up to 50 one-hour, virtual communication team meetings, including agendas and minutes.

4. Contractor will attend the preconstruction contractor meeting either in-person or virtually, as deemed necessary by the project manager.

5. Contractor will attend either virtually or in-person up to 50 weekly construction meetings.

2. Communication Plan and Public Stakeholder Outreach

Contractor will:

2.1 Develop a Communications Plan that includes clear, measurable communications goals and strategies for the following groups: area residents and property owners; large and small business owners, employees, and customers; motorists; school districts; emergency services; freight haulers; mass transit agencies and companies; bicyclists and pedestrians; non-profit organizations, local governments, and nearby places of worship. Outreach plan must also include communicating with event organizers for popular area events. The Plan will include attainable outreach strategies and a comprehensive stakeholder list for the project. The State requires engaging diverse audiences using data to reach populations representative of the area demographics.

2.2 Coordinate and staff in-person public meetings, popular community events, pop-up events or other creative outreach opportunities at various locations in the project area. Outreach opportunities may include community events, farmers markets and local business events. Identify and secure venues and meeting logistics (chairs, tents, tables, etc.) for community meetings.

2.3 Develop a targeted outreach strategy, timeline and workback schedule to confirm that communities are involved and kept informed throughout the construction process.

2.4 Develop and maintain effective and ongoing communications with the business

organizations/associations impacted by this project, including freight and commercial businesses that travel in the project area as a means to delivering goods and services. Providing timely information to commuters and freight drivers regarding construction impacts.

2.5 Work with State’s Project Manager to develop key messages document about road and lane closures and detour information for pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists.

2.6 Work with State’s Project Manager in developing alternative travel messages.

2.7 Develop and prepare monthly summaries of outreach efforts and construction themes and complaints.

2.8 Provide a proposed key event list and event outreach plan, complete with booth costs, staffing, goals, etc. to ensure return on time investment well in advance of spring/summer event season each year of the project.

2.8 Plan and execute pop up events to inform the community of the construction project. Contractor will provide adequate staffing for these pop-up events. Produce pop up summaries including comments and questions received at each event.

Task 2 Deliverables Summary

a) Contractor will draft and final Communications Plan, with up to three updates.

b) Contractor will provide one project stakeholders list, with up to three updates.

c) Contractor will provide a Plan, coordinate, and staff up to 3 in-person public meetings for each construction season, including logistics, materials creation and printing.

d) Plan, coordinate, and staff up to 7 community pop-up events, including logistics, materials creation, and printing.

e) Develop and prepare up to 25 monthly summaries of outreach efforts and construction themes and complaints.

f) Contractor will provide up to 5 virtual meetings with key government stakeholders and organizations early in the process.

g) Contractor will provide up to 80 hours for business, organization and association communications and outreach.

h) Contractor will provide draft and final key messages document.

i) Contractor will provide up to 40 hours of graphic design support for collateral (handouts, fact sheets, map graphics, mailings, etc.).

3. Project Communications & Marketing/Advertising

Contractor will:

3.1 Provide accurate and timely information to key audiences and provide opportunities for two-way communication.

3.2 Setup, manage and answer a construction hotline and project email box and respond to questions, concerns, and complaints about the project. Document calls, emails and social media posts and keep the project manager apprised of the complaint.

3.3 Produce materials including news releases, email updates, web updates, tweets, maps, Facebook posts, Instagram posts, factsheets, and webpage updates.

3.4 Plan and execute digital marketing to inform the community of the construction project.

3.5 Create a detailed marketing strategy for social media and digital advertising in the project area.

3.6 Produce quality, high-impact marketing/advertising materials to be distributed, as appropriate.

3.7 Implement all advertising buys, including negotiating schedule, placement, billing/payment, and proof of performance.

3.8 Ensure adequate and reasonable time for the State Project Manager to review and/or approve subcontractor/contractor deliverables.

3.9 Commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the project.

3.10 Send media inquiries to the project manager.

Task 4 Deliverables Summary

1. Contractor will provide project email and hotline setup and monitoring. Up to 40 hours for comment management and response.

2. Contractor will provide a spreadsheet of recorded comment/response at project-end.

3. Contractor will create an at-a-glance summary and provide up to 25 updates for State leadership team.

4. Contractor will provide up to 12 drafts and final new releases.

MnDOT Contract Number: 1056240

Exhibit C: Specifications, Duties and Scope of Work


5. Contractor will provide up to 30 GovDelivery email updates.

6. Contractor will provide up to 25 project webpage updates.

7. Contractor will provide up to 10 total targeted Facebook and Instagram advertisements, including copy

and image.

8. Contractor will provide up to 8 geo-targeting and/or geo-fencing ads.

9. Contractor will provide up to 50 Tweets.

10. Contractor will provide up to 25 map graphics.

11. Contractor will provide one draft and final project factsheet with up to 3 updates.

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